The Chevrolet Bolt is the follow up to the Chevrolet Volt that came out roughly six years ago. Unlike the Volt, the Bolt is a pure electric car with a 60kwh battery pack and 383km of electric range. The Chevy Bolt starts at $43,000 in Canad and the Premier model is $48,000. As tested, the Bolt was on track to drive 440km on a single charge, better than the official number of 383km. This is a the breakthrough electric ar the market has been waiting for. With provincial incentives of $14,000 in Ontario, $8000 in Quebec and $5000 in British Columbia, the Bolt is reach to more people than ever before.

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  1. Zobeid Zuma

    quote, "You know what you should do at General Motors, at the Chevy dealers right across the country? Every Chevy dealer should install a fast charger. You think about: every small town across Canada has a Chevy dealer. That would give you an amazing infrastructure that would rival Tesla's Supercharging network."

    I don't know if I should laugh or just bury my face in my hands. This is wrong in so many ways.

  2. Matt Barnes

    Wonder if Tezla pays all these reviewers to say it costs $750 extra for the fast charging option??? Like other cars don’t have similar options but when a cheaper car comes out from “Evil” GM we have to harp on a measly $750 option that I’m sure Tezla charges more for their cars but it’s built-in to the price! GM should just raise the price to include this so then everyone can shut up about this…..

  3. SRV. 123

    I've seen real tests and the 0 to 60 speed is 7.2 or 7.3 regardless of mode you're in. Not 6.6 But that half second difference means a lot if you are doing a stunt jump over 6 school buses or running from a bank robbery. So consider that. Also real life tests show a reduction of mileage from the supposed 238 down to 170 in minus 20 degree weather with the heater at 74 f degrees .

  4. Toreshammere Celt

    My F-250 super duty gets 13-15 MPG. I can tow a 10,000 lb. trailer and sleep in the bed or the cab. Nobody cuts me off and nobody tailgates me anymore. I’ll fare better in an accident than most. But I still think EV’s are awesome!

  5. AlainHubert

    Let's talk numbers (all Canadian dollars). I've paid $21312 (including tax, interest on car loan, and everything else) for my brand new 2016 Hyundai Elantra GL (in 2016). I spend about $30 a week on gas. In 4 years that will come up to about $7000 of gasoline alone. And if I add that to the purchase price of my car, that comes up to $28312. Far from the $43000 of a basic Bolt. Even if you take into account the incentive ($8000 in Quebec where I am), that reduces it to $35000 only, and I would have to pay sales tax on it, bringing it up to $40241, and I don't even take into account the interest on a car loan. That's a difference of about $12000 more for a Chevy Bolt which is less equipped than my Elantra. Moreover, I get 681 KM range on a full tank in my Hyundai, and can get full autonomy in about 5 minutes at a gas station everywhere. Not 8-9 hours at home from a 120VAC outlet for 400 KM.
    Conclusion: EV are still too expensive (even with governments incentives) and still take too long to recharge for me. And you can cut that range in half during a cold Canadian winter week. Besides, I don't trust american-designed/made cars anymore. Too many horror stories from my past experiences with them (I'm 52), and prefer the look of fluidic lines on my Elantra over this bulky Bolt.

  6. xchopp

    8:20 Spot on! Yes, why doesn't GM do an end-run around Tesla? It's the biggest weakness. 7:36 — I believe that GM will sell you a 120v cable for your Bolt. The need for an EVSE depends on your daily driving distances. We charge our e-Golf on plain old 110v daily and it's perfectly adequate for our needs. There's are Level 2 chargers down the road we could use if we needed to (but in any case our model only has 3.6 kW L2).

  7. Focul Points

    It’s really too bad. The cost is stupid and you get a car that looks like you spent 15 grand on it. Until the e market makes nicer looking cars. I’d rather buy a Bmw 3 series and have a quality product. It will come. Just gonna take time.

  8. Naughtysauce

    Tesla's plan is coming along nicely. Create an alternative product to what has been the norm, disturb the industry & force the giants to cave in to create a similar product to compete with yours. Do you think Musk wants to be in the car business, the guy's goal is to get on to Mars for fucks sake.

  9. Zia Rehman

    Few cars are hard to get right away like Bolt, highlander hybrid because demand is high , but my favourites car is Ford Fusion Energi, if you don’t need big trunk and mid size luxury nice car for very good price. It is best of gas and electric combinations with green license plate. I love it.

  10. motorv8N

    Thanks for this. Is it an optical illusion or are those front seat backs quite narrow and rather thin? Love the range but are people going to be able to actually sit for that long on those seats…

  11. Shankhadip Majumder

    They lose money on this car, approx $9k on each bolt. About range, its not really about making a car that can travel so much ice s can do that much better, its about the other assortments like safety, tech, drive comfort and the biggest of all tech. Teslas battery tech is highly advanced and dinosaur companies cant innovate to reach that level , GM actually buys them off LG(the batteries) the tech part(the most important aspect) is laughable when compared to the tesla. Oh and who can forget about the charging, even with the extra $750 option of fast charging and paid charges (which brings the price equal model 3+ autopilot) they charge roughly at 40 percent the speed not to mention the charging points are no where near as uniquitous.By the way tesla in a couple of years is going to pump out 1000km cars. GM should sell themselves lock stock and barrel.

  12. Olajide Fawehinmi

    The fact that GM is a bigger company means they should have made a better product and not one with all the cheap plastic materials. The truth of the mater is no company wanted to make electric cars until Tesla showed them it was possible. Tesla products are awesome and that's that. Also people planning on buying Tesla are not there to spend just 35K because they know the worth of the products.

  13. Mr. Orange

    I love the car but I don't have a living arrangement to charge it. What the dealers should do is move to "plazas" and malls and sell things like a convenience store sort of like a gas station and maybe offer charge points or something like a getgo then that would be more money for the dealership and you could almost faze out a gas station overtime….

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