Charging Tesla Model X with Chargepoint Slippery Handle

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21 Replies to “Charging Tesla Model X with Chargepoint Slippery Handle”

  1. kit p

    I see a lot of problems with the pump already. The charging handle needs to be made thinner and have rubber on the sides for slip resistance and have handles on both sides so you can pull on them to remove the batteries.

    Most people will leave their cars charging while they shop and that's fine, the problem i see is that some people would leave their car charging too long, hogging the station. That's going to be a huge issue.

  2. Molika Men-Thlang

    That's complicated asf and I need in and out not 56 minutes lol that car is design to drive Round the block a night out etc but not a road trip cuz ain't nobody gots the time to wait 56 minutes all the time lol.

  3. mebeingU2

    If you go to your main screen when you're done charging, you can hit the unlock / stop charging to have the car release the adapter. If your car doors are locked it won't let the adapter go. Nice video of your first time with charge point. They have a free app so you can monitor your charge.

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