Challenging Tesla: TOP 10 Most Anticipated Electric Vehicles in 2021

Here are the top 10 of the most anticipated electric vehicles that are coming out in 2021. There are many other electric vehicles coming out next year, but these are the best ones to look forward to. These big automakers are challenging Tesla’s status quo with possible “Tesla killers”. While the competition is great for the consumers, a “Tesla killer” would certainly be a great way to boost EVs to the next level. Which electric vehicles to look forward to? Leave a comment below!

TOP 10 List:
Rivian R1T 1:16
Ford F-150 3:10
Bollinger B2 4:10
Tesla Cybertruck 5:30
Audi Q4 e-tron 6:25
Mercedes-Benz EQA 7:18
Nissan Ariya 8:27
Volkswagen ID.4 9:32
BMW iNEXT 10:15
Mercedes-Benz EQS 10:52
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40 Replies to “Challenging Tesla: TOP 10 Most Anticipated Electric Vehicles in 2021”

  1. Andre Santos

    "Tesla Killers" lol. I am sure Tesla can drop the prices down even more, similar to what spacex doing. So Tesla will kill the killers. Also don't forget Elon Musk is a icon. I just love the guy.

  2. HK.Chinese Canadian

    Amazing that you mentioned 10 EV without a single Chinese brand. I believe that the best buy are either Nio or Xpeng models from China. The quality of these two car makers are top notch at at better priced than similar Tesla. Too bad that Trump has put a ban on anything China.

  3. Joshua Deale

    ight look….. other than the cybertruck every car is visually appealing and really awesome to look at…..BUUUTTT……. performance and price wise, the cybertruck is still the best option. youre just gonna have to not worry about how it looks. Its the same thing as saying "its not whats on the outside but whats on the inside that counts" or "dont judge a book by its cover" etc. The cybertrucks still beats out every other competition. But i will say the INEXT definetly caught my eye. people are just gonna have to say to themselves are they willing to pay the extra thousands of dollars for the look of the car.

    also we are gonna get hit with ALOT of electric cars in 2021 lol im really excited

  4. John Berry

    Tesla is the best a man can get! The other EV’s won’t measure up in as many bells n whistles as Tesla offers , especially when it comes to battery range
    And free charging stations!

  5. Joel Castell anos

    They all look and sound cool, but have the same problem. They are still too expensive for your average person to think of as just a car.

    I was an auto tech for 10 years. And if things hold true the BMW, VW, and Ben's offerings will break like crazy and cost a fortune to mIntain. GM will build them too cheep but still charge a premium. Ford will say its the greatest thing ever and cram everything into too small a space so when it breaks you can't get to anything.

    Simply put. Thare is too much stuff in these cars. I don't need all that. I dont want a car that will drive its self. I dont need a cyber truck to be hammer proof. They don't need to be 1000 hp monsters. They need enough power and lots of range. So far your choices are limited in that respect. You get a crazy expensive power house. Or you get a glorified golf cart. We need a golf cart that goes faster then 45…….

  6. Tommy Pugh

    How long will it take an EV needing a 90 % charge to drive from St Augustine FL to key west, 470 mile away. It's FL so it's hot, you will run through rain, FL reqires low beam lights in the rain, and taking a total of 4 people's with enough luggage for a week. My mid size truck can fill up 90% of my fuel tank in 5 minutes or less, and drive the 470 miles non stop and have 100+ more miles of driving range after arriving in key west. It's takes 9 hours, done it many times. If I make 3 stop to eat and bathroom breaks I can make it in less than 10 hours. Before you bring up money, I will say time is money to you? How long???????

  7. Romeo Smith

    I don't a have a problem with this at all, but it's kind of funny how almost every vehicle he goes into detail with, with the exception of the Cybertruck, Tesla's name gets brought in somehow. It's a clear example that Tesla is leading this transition to EVs.

  8. NecrOkies

    What are you saying more than 90% of these are 2022 and beyond??? and most of the stats are EST. not facts some orders we places has an agreement saying stats may be lower at release!

  9. DeAndre Enrico

    I think if one of these car companies just made an ev that looks like a normal sedan, has as much passenger capacity as a normal sedan, has a 200 mile range, and costs ~20k, theyd own the market forever. Put out a hatch version too i guess. But MAKE THEM LOOK NORMAL.

    0-60 time just needs to be 9 seconds or slower, which will make it less difficult and expensive to get more range.

  10. Benjamin Chung

    As we all know these concept or preproduction models are always provided with best possibilities. We will see how it actually comes out but I definitely doubt that any of these cars will impact Tesla.

  11. Angel majorjoy

    I wish people would stop using the term “Tesla killer“. That term does not apply anymore & and it simply doesn’t make sense. All the new EV’s are or all they’ll be are Tesla competitors or cars in the same EV market. Elon musk stated in the beginning that he wanted to motivate other car companies to make electric cars. Although they are coming slow,, other car companies are beginning to showcase their new electric vehicles. Which is exactly what Elon musk wanted from the start. The more healthy competition,, the better it is for the electric car movement & the World. So it would be best For all of us if YouTube contents Creators would frame their statements in that manner.

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