CGRundertow MLB 2K12 for Nintendo Wii Video Game Review

MLB 2K12 review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of MLB 2K12 from Visual Concepts and 2K Sports for the Nintendo Wii. Here we are, in the last few months before the system is replaced, and the Wii is still getting sports games that look like they’re running on a Nintendo 64. MLB 2K12 comes to the Wii much in the same way MLB 2K11 did, in a form that’s virtually indistinguishable from prior versions. Not only has MLB 2K12 been beaten with an ugly stick on Wii, it’s also scaled back in terms of its features. The game at least plays well, but not well enough to be some kind of saving grace. You’re swinging the remote to bat, you’re flicking it to throw…it feels so 2008, you’re going to swear you’re in some kind of cruel time warp. This video review features video gameplay footage of MLB 2K12 for the Nintendo Wii and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Derek.

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30 Replies to “CGRundertow MLB 2K12 for Nintendo Wii Video Game Review”

  1. NoahPlaysGTA

    You just need to calm your face man MLB 2k12 isn't as bad as you think.Mlb 2k10 for PS2 is way worse than this if you throw a no-hitter you don't even cheer that you do.If you throw a no-hitter or perfect game on here trust me your guys jump on each other.One time I threw a 1 hit shut out and they were tackling each other.Plus the Wii is really good with sports games I  think anyways that's my opinion you can have yours I can have mine.Anyway i liked the way you said play ball LOL I was like weird?.But one quick hint stop insulting video games and the wii.I kind of agree with you on the graphics though they are not very good but just stop insulting this game.But you need to get MLB 13 the show for playstation 3 it's awesome.You need to post some gaming on this channel like do let's plays and all of that.When you said you hate this game is was like i'm never subscribing then I was like I don't know I kind of agree with him kind of not so I just thought not to subscribe you have plenty of subscribers to last you your life on youtube you should be as popular as PewDiePie if you would post gaming.Anyways just some hints ideas and my opinion.So yeah I might subscribe later on you need to do more video's about baseball and sports.I haven't looked at your video's but try Wii Sports too.The Wii is the only thing that I have at my house that is connected to the television.I do have a Nintendo 3ds.Try getting MLB 2k11 for ds it's really not that bad but I traded it in

  2. ChaosInvoker

    This review made it pretty clear…

    If you really want a baseball game on the Wii, why not get the Mario Baseball game (forgot the name).

    I'm enjoying "MLB The Show 13" on my Vita and it honestly looks good enough to be on the HD consoles!

  3. Wyatt Fosby

    Who cares about the graphics. This version, and I'm talking mlb2k12 wii, not mlb2k10 wii, has more realistic controls, you can swing the remote and nunchuck around to bat like you would in real baseball. Same as pitching.

  4. a bich

    It's pretty bad World Series Baseball 2k3 for the Xbox looks better than this, I mean 2k3 had decent animation in 2003 but 2k12 looks ten times worse. I don't get it…

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