CGRundertow MADDEN NFL 13 for Nintendo Wii U Video Game Review

Madden NFL 13 video review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow video review of Madden NFL 13 from EA Sports for the Nintendo Wii U. Madden NFL 13 is a fantastic game of football. The team at EA Sports made quite a few changes to the annual formula, specifically in the presentation department. This one feels more Canton and less dorm room. And holy crap, the GamePad is perfect for Madden! You can call plays right on the touch screen. Not only do you feel like a coach consulting his clipboard, but it also makes play calling faster and more intuitive. This video review features video gameplay footage of Madden NFL 13 for the Nintendo Wii U and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Derek.

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27 Replies to “CGRundertow MADDEN NFL 13 for Nintendo Wii U Video Game Review”

  1. Burning Rangers Gaming Channel

    The last time EA put any significant effort into a Madden game on a Nintendo console was the sixth gen. As soon as they started that distorted cartoony BS with their "all play" versions of the game on Wii to appeal to kids was the beginning of the end of Madden on Nintendo systems. Subsequent years on Wii were more or less cash ins and throw away games to appease the Wii's large userbase where most gamers new the real game was on PS3/360. Even when Wii U release and the graphical power is on par with the seventh gen consoles, Nintendo gets kicked square in the nuts again by EA with this a half assed port of Madden 12.5 masquerading as 13 without the physics engine the 360/PS3 versions got. It's a damn shame too given Nintendo has all but been abandoned by EA now and this is the only legitimate football game the system will ever have. But it's okay. EA is still giving a version of FIFA 15 to a Nintendo system this year. A "legacy version" for the original Wii that will just happen to play on Wii U's. 😐

  2. manic221

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  3. DaveThe SodaGuy

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  4. manic221

    The fact you basing an argument on some "facts" you've made up about the PS4 is hilarious no one knows ANYTHING about the PS4 so i seriously doubt you have any insider information, So the only bitch is you it's fine you can bend over and take Sony and there overpriced "hardware" i couldn't care less.

    I'm getting a Wii U because it's unique not because i don't have any money i currently have all three consoles i could do it again with PS4 and Xbox720 but i don't want too i'll buy a PC instead.

  5. DaveThe SodaGuy

    nah, u're just too poor to buy a ps4 so u'll have to stay with a shitty wii u! hah

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  6. manic221

    I don't even think it'll be miles ahead i never stated that the PS4 wouldn't be more powerful Wii U when did i even imply that? It probably will be but i don't care, I wouldn't buy one anyway i went of Playstation years a go i have a PS3 in the house it barely gets used i prefer my 360 thank you.

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  7. DaveThe SodaGuy

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  8. manic221

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  9. DaveThe SodaGuy

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  10. manic221

    No proof the PS4 will be "cooler" then anything right now all i know is it will be expensive.

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  11. DaveThe SodaGuy

    but the ps4 is gonna be way much cooler than the wii u.

    the ps4 is gonna herd all of the ps3's franchises, like killzone, uncharted, ratchet and clank and that other one with the aliens.

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    only idiots care about graphics? getting a little pretentious here? I'd say only idiots play mario every year since they were 3 years old or some shit.

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