CGR Undertow – SONIC BOOM: RISE OF LYRIC review for Nintendo Wii U

Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric review.
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Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric review. Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric for the Nintendo Wii U developed by Big Red Button and published by SEGA.

There aren’t many modern video games as notorious as this. Released to overwhelmingly negative reviews and reception, Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric was a financial disaster for SEGA. But is it as bad as the hype would have you believe? Sonic Boom is a platformer that combines three varieties of Sonic gameplay—2D platforming, open 3D worlds and on-rails running. If you’ve been a fan of Sonic games from any era, there are levels in Sonic Boom for you. The 2D elements aren’t as fast as traditional 2D Sonic levels, but because of their slower place, they offer slightly tighter platforming. In fact, if you can rise above the game’s technical issues, lack of polish, bizarre presentation and clunky 3D designs, Rise Of Lyric isn’t that bad. Still pretty bad, though. Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric includes single-player and local multiplayer on the Nintendo Wii U.

This video review features video gameplay footage of Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric for the Nintendo Wii U and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Derek.

47 Replies to “CGR Undertow – SONIC BOOM: RISE OF LYRIC review for Nintendo Wii U”

  1. SupahTV

    The fanbase is weird. They think that the franchise is dead because of Boom, despite that it was made by a different developer. They also seem to have forgotten about the three decent games that came before it; Colours, Generations and Lost World.

  2. JamesPlaysGames95

    what i hate about the new sonic games are the really shitty jokes and cutscenes. its like they wanted a new theme. whats wrong with keeping that same style of story telling like they did in adventure and heroes?

  3. peter h

    this is how I felt. I was actually enjoying it. But it wasn't for being a sonic game, just for being a chill, comfortable, predictable romp in a kid style game. I would totally play at a friend's house. And sonic adventure is my favorite. That is sonic for me, when I was 10.

  4. MASF

    I think the reason why people hate Sonic Boom so much is because it was a cash grab and was intentionally bad. SEGA knew about it and just wanted money, and paased their IP to an inexperienced company with not enough to even care for quality assurance. 06 is better due to it just being a mess up and an accident, and at least 06 is so bad its fun to laugh at. Sonic Boom is depressing and bad any angle you look at it. And after getting back on track with Generations and Lost Worlds there is no excuse for this set back, SEGA knew what they were doing and wanted to take advantage of their fans. Why people defend Sonic Boom to this day, boggles my mind.

  5. TheIconicGamer

    Even though I only played the demo, I agree fully with this review. This game is definitely not good, infact it sucks , but the game is way overhated. I'm not sure why it got all this controversy.

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