CGR Undertow – GAME AND WARIO review for Nintendo Wii U

Game and Wario review.
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Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of Game and Wario for the Nintendo Wii U developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo.

Game and Wario is an exclusive Wii U minigame compilation. Unlike prior WarioWare games, Game and Wario is not about microgames—it takes the more traditional route of a minigame collection. Game and Wario features 12 single-player minigames, only one of which involves WarioWare-style microgames, and four multiplayer minigames. The minigames include Arrow, Shutter, Ski, Patchwork, Kung Fu, Gamer, Design, Ashley, Taxi, Pirate, Bowling and Bird, each of which uses a different functionality of the Wii U’s GamePad. Things like tilt and touch are common, but the most interesting games push the Wii U’s concept of asymmetical gameplay. Game and Wario is slower that the fast-paced WarioWare games of old due to the increased length and depth of the minigames, but they’re also more involved as a result. All your favorite characters are back, including Wario, Ashley, Mona and the tandem of 9-Volt and 18-Volt. Game and Wario features single-player play and local multiplayer.

This video review features video gameplay footage of Game and Wario for the Nintendo Wii U and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Derek.

40 Replies to “CGR Undertow – GAME AND WARIO review for Nintendo Wii U”

  1. Jumpin Jehoshaphat!

    Which Club Nintendo platinum reward would you guys recommend? This or Donkey Kong Returns 3D for 3DS? I just purchased a Wii U mostly for when people are over. I think the Wii U is the best for local multiplayer. Mario Kart 8 is wonderful.

  2. FreshTillDeath56

    As would every other video even with the WII U's name in it. Seriously i cant find 1 good review of wii U. What this reviewer is saying is, the fact that this is "wario's game" is downright pathetic.

  3. sergiomonty

    "If Wario doesn't have any better ideas, who does?" Are you aware that, if the Wii U at some point succeeds, this review will be considered entirely pointless like the Starfox 64 3d review, when Derrick said that you wouldn't be likely to find anyone with a 3ds to play multiplayer? Maybe he didn't say the game was bad, but he dropped too many negative comments based on the console rather than on the game itself.

  4. sergiomonty

    I own it, I can legitimately say that the game is good. Not a groundbreaker but it's quite good o.O What ruins this review is the fact that Derrick just keeps hinting the fact that Wii U is struggling and that this isn't a console seller, instead of saying if it is at least a decent game or not.

  5. steven

    No one said it's a Wario Ware title, it's called "Game & Wario".
    So you all really need to stop comparing it to Wario Ware.
    I can understand why you all would've expected it to be similar but to base your opinion solely on the fact that it wasn't Wario Ware is incredibly ignorant.
    All I'm saying is treat it as it's own game and not as a failed" Wario Ware" game.

  6. Cyberbrickmaster1986

    I'm actually kinda glad I bought this game and didn't return it, as I actually had more fun with it than I expected. All these reviews stating that the game is average may have some good points, but in the end it's still a fun game regardless.

  7. MrFinalgamer

    the problem is the time of when the games come out. i mean those games will be coming out at the same time as the PS4 and XBone, so it'll be quite tough for nintendo this holiday.

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