CES 2018: LG Display shows off large rollable TV screen- BBC News

LG Display has created the world’s first large, rollable, ultra-high definition screen.
The 4K display uses OLED technology, allowing it to be more flexible than a conventional LED television.
BBC North America technology reporter Dave Lee saw it in action.

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42 Replies to “CES 2018: LG Display shows off large rollable TV screen- BBC News”

  1. Kestutis Usevicius

    i was working in technology sector and one client said that he has seen roll-able tv prototype in one factory in 2008. In his words, the guy just took it from from his pocket, put on the wall and just turned it on. I guess they are playing with that kind of technology for years.

  2. xxpyroxx75

    man w8 till cloeths are made out of this stuff. haha. could even make an invisibility cloak with that shit maybe. or even put have it built into the body of your car and have your car display what ever you want any color anytime even what ever wallpaper too or even a screen saver haha.

  3. Renen Baskerville

    People here are so dumb that they cannot remember anything except the interview.
    It’s almost as if they watch a movie, and the only thing they remember is the advertisement before the actual movie.
    Ignorant, plain, docile and dumb.

  4. Renen Baskerville

    Idk why comments here are so bitchy and whiny. Most of the people here are crying. LG realized a creative idea and successfully implemented its famous OLED in such a large yet unbelievably thin screen. It’s a roll-up screen that appears to be creative and unprecedented. Instead of acknowledging the value of the product and its impressive technology, people here are so obsessed with manufacturing negativity.
    Look, if you aren’t well educated, please don’t advertise it with your silly comments.
    The fact that you are not at all significant in the real life won’t change with your childish and brusque attitude.
    Keep bitching, keep describing your pathetic life.

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