Casting GIANT Underground Wasp Nest with Molten Aluminum

Making art from an underground wasp nest will be shown in this video.

The result is is a 11kg or 24lbs aluminum piece of art.

I’m also using the biggest crucible that i have and using a custom made tong (thx 2 Joppe) to grap and pour it !

Wasp are exterminated here in Belgium by the fire department with fire or poison.

NEVER kill bees people !! Bees are very important to the survival of the human race 🙂 Just google it and you will find some more info.

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28 Replies to “Casting GIANT Underground Wasp Nest with Molten Aluminum”

  1. PressTube

    Ok, like I said in the video and in the description : I live in Belgium, and when we have a wasp nest that is close to a house or a place where people are (like my children in this case) we need to call the fire department. They will come to exterminate the wasp nest with poison. Wasps are not protected in Belgium. Bees on the other hand are protected here!

  2. Muhammad Bennahoy

    That's how criminals are called "scientists"…!?😕😞

    How did you feel criminal while you were pooring fire to kill 1000s' of them!?

    Why didn't you ask & seek deserted village…!?¤▪☆○•°~`♡🤤😨😷 😤

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