Carolina Beach in 4k – DJI Mavic Air with -1 Sharpness

Took my Mavic Air on a trip to Carolina Beach yesterday. This is the first Mavic Air video that I used -1 Sharpness for.

PolarPro Cinema Series Filters:
DJI Mavic Air:
Mavic Air Care Refresh Plan:

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45 Replies to “Carolina Beach in 4k – DJI Mavic Air with -1 Sharpness”

  1. Sean C.

    That is so much better looking than 4k Mavic Pro footage. The color and 100mbit bandwidth I think makes a huge difference. I saw no noise in the image, looks buttery Ed. I also liked the music and wave sounds added in along the shoreline.

  2. Felipe Sanguinetti

    Hey, Ed! Really nice footage! Impressive job you've done here! Did you add any sharpness setting in post? It looks really good, much better than other footages I've seen made with both Pro and Air drones. What do you recommend doing to achieve such a beautiful picture as yours, despite of using cinematic filters and maneuvers?

  3. John Veale

    Hey ED, love all your videos. I would really love some advice from someone who fly’s a lot of drones. I’m in the market for my first ever drone. I wanna buy the best I can get right now, and I’m not in any rush to learn, just looking for a cool way to add to my photography. I’m torn between Mavic air or Phantom 4 PRO. Size is not an issue for me, not planning on traveling with it. Only plan on using it in my local area. I have been watching loads of videos on YouTube, but still unsure. I would really appreciate some advice from someone like yourself who regularly use these drones. I appreciate your a busy guy.

  4. Andy Davies

    Nice, Ed. I was most interested in the pink scattered flare at 00:52 and 01:10 – it's a pain on my Phantom 4 Pro unless I shoot at wide apertures. Considering the Mavic Air is fixed at 2.8 I am disappointed to see the pink scatter as I thought it would appear less harsh than this. I know the angle of the shot affects it but I've noticed at 2.8 on the P4Pro it almost disappears, but this forces me to use ND. I use the Polar Pro Cinema Collection – great filters.

  5. Ben

    Incredible footage, Ed. Just curious, though, why 24fps and not 30? It sucks that Youtube doesn't do 24fps natively, so there's always that judder when people upload 24p footage to YT…but correct me if I am wrong

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