Cargo Transport Simulator UPDATE! – Elara/ Tesla Semi-Truck

The electric truck was added to this update.
The AI cars have also improved their handling. They now go over the speed bumps. This and the Triton (Nikola One) Semi Truck are the only electric trucks in this game. They both accelerate very fast as electric vehicles do.

This truck once again is modelled fantastically. The truck has very fine details and realistic sensors to act as the mirrors on the screens. This truck is very fun to drive mainly because of how well it accelerates.
That high roofline suits it well with trailers, giving it an aerodynamic look.

The top speed is 160KMH, which is good for a truck. Other trucks like the European ones have 180KMH top speed. But they accelerate from 0 – 60MPH/0 – 100KMH in 20 seconds or so. It makes you think, what’s the point of having better top speed when you can’t accelerate quickly enough to get there.

To me, Acceleration is more important than Top Speed.

This is update version 1.11

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