Captain America and the Avengers | Arcade, Mega Drive/Genesis, SNES | Comparison

Scene 1: The Avengers 2:49
Scene 2: Target Town 7:40
Scene 3: Challenge from the Bottom of the Sea 16:32
Scene 4: The Giant Laser Cannon 24:18
Scene 5: The End of Red Skull 23:12

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  1. Omar Fonseca Ruiz

    In my opinion:
    Music: Genesis > Arcade > SNES
    SoundEffects: Arcade > Genesis > SNES
    Graphics: Arcade > SNES > Genesis
    Voices: Arcade > Genesis > SNES
    Control: Arcade > Genesis > SNES
    Console versions were small size cartridges so they had to cut a few things and use less detailed graphics than their full potential can with enough space

  2. Earl Duran

    Graphics : Arcade and Sega Genesis
    Presentation : All of them
    Music : Arcade and Sega Genesis
    Gameplay : Arcade and Sega Genesis
    Well Sega Genesis and Arcade are officially both win.

  3. Colin D

    I had SNES version as a kid. Way too difficult, sloppy graphics, poor hit detection, etc. It was just so flawed. The company who ported the game from the arcade version did a half-ass job…The SNES had much better graphics and sound capabilities than what they did with it.

  4. Marcel Weber

    Arcade > Genesis > SNES

    Genesis version is ugly but the music, sound and gameplay are pretty similar to the arcade, pretty good.
    SNES version is awful, looks, plays and sounds like shit, obviously ported by a shovelware western company.
    The backgrounds and the big bosses in the arcade version blow my mind, they are extremely detailed for a 1991 game.

  5. Rohaldos

    This video comparison is great, good job!!

    The Megadrive version plays better compared to the SNES version. I agree with saturndual32 the background art work of the arcade version is fantastic.

    Thank you for the video.

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