Canoo – a subscription only electric car | Fully Charged

A street fair in Los Angeles, it’s cool, it’s organic and cutting edge, and there’s a strange car on display that you can’t buy, and it seems people really like it.
Chelsea Sexton gets the chance to further investigate the Canoo car, 100% electric, 100% shareable, and a very different take on the future of mobility.

More info on Canoo:
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31 Replies to “Canoo – a subscription only electric car | Fully Charged”

  1. Adam

    My biggest issue(s) with this company are two things. 1) How are they manufacturing exactly!? Who is this world class manufacturer? Are they building a factory or a production line just for the Canoo? 2) They are essentially trying to change the way people think and feel about owningsharing a vehicle. While I'm all for that, I don't think America is the place to do that. California isn't a bad place to get started, but most Americans would probably agree that California is an entirely different attitudementality than the rest of America. Personally I would have much rather seen them start this off in really green parts of Europe or China. I think the Canoo would be an absolute hit in major Chinese cities like Shenzhen, Beijing (if lucky enough) and Shanghai because not only is ride sharing so extremely prevalent there, but so is business and upper class personal use van(ish) class vehicles of this size.

  2. GDS

    20:37 and they NEVER say HOW MUCH is this "subscription?" Another thing is that people like to leave "stuff" in our cars. If I'm sharing how the hell does THAT work? There's a LOT of Vagueness in this puff piece.

  3. Typhoon Storm

    This will be great for using at Las Vegas strip . That way the strip won’t be traffic . Can you imagine the Las Vegas trip .no bus, no car, only this car services people can drink all they want , the can

  4. sequi- tur

    What's the market potential of this vehicle in a state where the population is moving as far away as they can get, while the major cities crumble under mountains of piss, shit and endless violent but loving "protests" ?

  5. Fifury161

    5:20 – I guess this will be the deal breaker for most people – the whole point of owning a car is you can make a spontaneous trip when you decide – you can't do that if "your" car is rented out to someone else…

  6. Noob lade

    With Elon saying that they will look into doing a van at some point (my bet is from Giga Berlin to make VW history), they better hurry to get to market or they will be dead before having a Canoo on the road.

  7. Jules AA Jazone

    Absolutely perfect 👌 no brainer lit 🔥 Nice video and interviews! So looking forward to this as I’ve quit houses/ credit/ loans/ mortgages, and soon it will be no licenses/ insurance/ maintenance/ gas/ nor even paying to charge as this is all included in a nice app that self drives the vehicle. Miraculous future now

  8. Marvin Purser

    The video is without substance. Subscription rates would be a good start. Is my shared vehicle $100.00 a month or $500.00? If I were to subscribe at 18 years old and keep it for life, what is the average annual total I put in for the right to rent?

  9. Josh Ommen

    this is for a group of people not one or two but 3-5 maybe! I like the idea but wish we could see more of the vehicle and the specs and prices. I think having this near a college for groups of people to go out at night like an uber would make this useful but not for an office meeting in van lol

  10. Portugal Holiday Villas

    James Cox is deluded if he thinks the ‘culture’ of not ‘being known for sharing’ is about calculating how much depreciation etc.
    The culture in that ‘region’ is about – “ I don’t want some potential ‘weirdo’ sharing the private space” and/or naked snobbery

  11. Koito rob

    In my opinion, not enough seats for the space.
    He's barking mad if he thinks people are going to get together 'in' the car.
    Why drive somewhere to meet and then meet in the car?
    I want a screen!
    I want a radio!
    I want satnav!
    I DON'T want to have to use my phone!
    Oh yeah, and i want to OWN IT!
    MY car MY car MY car!It will never be sold in GB though as there has to be a solid connection between the steered wheels and the steering wheel. We can't have hydraulic steering for the same reason.
    On a positive note, i like the styling, although having windows in front of my shins seems to me to be a bit risky!!!

  12. M K

    I like this video format… EV news is not always about vehicle tech; the business models of these start-ups are interesting, and those that work will be key to the future of transportation.

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