Canadian Envoy Says Huawei’s Meng Has ‘Strong Case’ Against Extradition

Jan.23 — The standoff between China and Canada over the arrest of Huawei CFO has taken an interesting twist. Ottawa’s top envoy to Beijing says Meng Wanzhou has a strong case against being extradited to the U.S. Bloomberg’s Stephen Engle reports on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia.”

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  1. Vic toews

    We Canadians are 100% wrong.  Firstly, why would we ever have agreed or accepted an agreement with the US that gives them the power to command our law enforcement to arrest someone who hasn't even been charged with anything.  That rule of law is an evil terrorist type of tool. Imagine if China asked a country to arrest anyone, hold them for 60 days while China decides what to charge them with. The world would demonise China for such a request as they would the weak subordinate country that would act on such a request.  Yet, USA gets away with it and Canada is so naive it thinks it can hide behind the rule of law. Trudeau should do the right thing: Put the Huawei executive on a 1st class private jet and send her home, Then tell Trump that any agreement that allows US to control our trade deals or our sovereignty will be torn up. Canada declare your independence from the USA.
    Huawei is a threat to US national security because Huawei won't open a backdoor to allow NSA to use Huawei products to spy. If you use apple, Samsung, or any Microsoft product the backdoor  is open to NSA. Since Huawei won't allow it's products to be used by NSA as a spying device they are a threat. This is why the 5 eyes countries are conforming to the US security threat propaganda.  Remember the Russian anti virus software that the 5 eyes country banned. (Kaspersky) their anti virus software closed the NSA backdoor on Microsoft products which made it a security threat. So the threat is not that Russia or China has spyware installed but because these products won't allow NSA and the 5 eyes to spy on us.

    If Canada wants the moral high ground and wants financial success it needs to dump the US, dump NATO , Join the Chinese belt and road initiative which would result in infrastructure investment, pipelines, fast trains, best 5G networks and a huge market for our natural resources.  Only problem for this success story is the American bully who can't allow anyone else to be successful.  They would probably orchestrate a regime change in Canada or send in bombers.

  2. jack young

    huawei is not zhongxing ,against huawei is against all the 14,00,000,000 people in china, ethnic Chinese, and other people who is righteousness in the wold,

    this is not against just a company, but also the correct values, the striving spirit of all the righteous people all over the world。Who Gain the Common Aspiration of the People Who Can Rule the World. This is not a war about weapons, but a war of hearts.

  3. Truth Matters

    One more important legal issue is that the extradition request does not give Canada the jurisdiction of the US law. Canada cannot arrest an innocent person. It is against the Canadian law. Which part of law gives the right to arrest the innocent person in Canada? It violates the basic human right. The extradition can be used for someone who got arrested in Canada for violating Canadian law.

  4. Mark E

    LOL Seems everyone (except whoever posted these "news/propagada" videos?) agrees that there are no such things as "Huawei or China Story", there are only: "US Afraid of They are Going to Lose and Chickened-Out, then Played Dirty story". ??????

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