30 Replies to “Can you tow charge a Tesla Model 3?”

  1. Keith Kitzhaber

    Cool. I towed my Model S to recharge it once. The main screen was dead, and the car would not accept a charge at home. So, either I rent a flatbed for a 200-mile journey to the Eden Prairie Service Center, OR… I have my brother tow me with a pick-up truck to get the necessary 40 miles of range to make it to EP. During the towing, I throttled the regen, and we drove along at about 20-30 MPH down a very quiet county road at night. I drove that same night to the service center with no heat, radio, cruise, etc. Temps were around 20F. After talking to the experts, I found that the car WILL recharge at a supercharger, even with a dead MCU. They replaced the main screen assembly free of charge, even though it was out of warranty.

  2. SpeedySailor

    That "tow ring" did not look like a Proper Tow adapter. It looked more like a cable tie point for a rollback towtruck. Low loading forces only, would not recommend ANYONE TOWING WITH THAT MORE THAN 20MPH. Higher speeds would need a 2 point frame mount to a ridged towbar.

  3. Stefan Margraf

    No, please do it right! First, simulation incomplete. If you are stuck in the desert, you need some more milage, not a few yards. Therefore tow it until you have about 50miles regained. Second, what is the need of power consumption of the towing vehicle? Reason is to get a knowledge of efficiency. Use another Tesla as towing vehicle, not an electrified wheelchair from us germans. Third, dont trust a computer! After gaining 50 miles, use them to verifie those a real and not an software mishap.

  4. aminet5151

    Nice test, But when you run experiments one of the 1st major rules is to keep variables constant. You regened the batteries going one way and drove back the opposite way. Who's to say the road angle and everything else is the same? Interesting experiment though.

  5. Trevor Kemp

    If you are going to do this for real you need to remember to turn the region down on low so you're not strainingly tow vehicle too much plus you will be getting towed a much further distance then a mile or so probably a few really need to do this as well as remember to set and the settings for the closest following distance for the vehicle in front of you so that way the car will not kick in super high region at the higher speeds which is what was happening in the situation way at Regent more than it took to actually take it that distance.

  6. Shakib M

    Guys I've figured out a way to get unlimited energy!! So me and my friend both get a Tesla. I'll tow him while his car charges. And then he'll tow me when my car charge…genius!!

  7. Mc Earl

    It would be interesting to tow charge one with another model 3 and see how efficient it is from how much extra power it takes from the tow vehicle to add to the car being towed.

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