Can Wish Make Your iPhone Waterproof?

Can Wish Make Your iPhone Waterproof?

Today I buy and test out the best gadgets from wish, including a waterproof phone case and other fun items!
Let me know if you would buy these from wish!

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Does my Wish phone case work? What other mystery items do I test, maybe golf equipment for All sports! Who would you like us to collab with? TGF x Sidmen, Mr Beast, Niko Omilana? We could do a cringe compilation.

21 Replies to “Can Wish Make Your iPhone Waterproof?”

  1. Peter Dugdale

    I had one of those casses in 2009 but with a headphone jack and waterproof headphones, took it to Atlantis waterpark in dubai, going down those mad slides with my tunes on was so sick.

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