Can Huawei Survive Without Google?

In this Confessions of a YouTuber Follow Up, I talk about the US Trade Ban on Huawei and how it is creating ripples in the tech world. What its like to using a Huawei phone without Google, and the current state of Huawei Mobile Services and where it wants to go. And what lessons we all can learn from this crisis.

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00:00 Intro
00:58 Back Story
02:04 Life without the Google Play Store
02:44 Huawei App Gallery
05:55 Using the Huawei Mate Xs
09:06 Summing It Up



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47 Replies to “Can Huawei Survive Without Google?”

  1. Ethan Tran

    Sound like an advertisement for Huawei. Huawei is better than Google and it's freedom to use Huawei. Get real, when the chairman is a member of the CCP which passed laws that required "private companies" to provide information of the users of their products when asked. And the individuals and companies have to comply with those requests. Freedom of what? You can have that incredible folded phone. For me, no thanks!

  2. HC Lau

    That, I think is a dumb question. Can Apple survive without Google? Answer that question… Huawei is forming and developing its own ecosystem.. Basically, there will now be 3 ecosystem, instead of just 2. I am putting my money down on Huawei..

  3. Ahmed Rohaan

    If harmony OS become a perfect thing then Android.Then most of Asian people will buy huawei phone.After 10years we can see Asia use huawei eco system and America use IOS Eco system where will be Android?!

  4. LensTracks

    Can I sync my Contacts and calendar from my (Google) PC to the contacts on the Huawei ? And documents in Google Drive on a different device – can that by synced to the Huawei pghone ? Please explain.

  5. Riko D

    huawei's company is ok. huawei smartphone, that's another story. well if you use your phone like scrap book in which there is nothing important, then it's a go, but if it's the contrary, i, personally, won't believe in a company which is owned by people controlled heavily by CCP
    so if this goes so long that it needs serious updates, then huawei must come with its own os, at least it could be based on free open source android. but still, there will be some part that will be proprietary to huawei, so that's when trust issue comes
    microsoft having hardtime fighting in smartphone agaist android. i can not imagine how huawei would survive in smartphone with their own custom open source android
    are you going to trust CCP more than Google?

  6. Sperry Mendez

    couldnt agree more when you said Google is weaved in to our digital life, isn't that the objective of it all. Google has been reliable to me as a student where you can open gmail and access the other apps like calendar, notes, tasks etc. its just unfortunate having huawei banned from google apps, they couldve been a great pair.

  7. Felician Tilya

    Great Video. This is why I still think that it is wise for Samsung to revisit its plan to have their own OS. You can make a review on that, to see what they did, where they reached, and why or how or where they fail. I think it will a great review so long as competition always brings improvement in the quality of services and products being offered rather than a monopoly where people don't have freedom of choice. Currently, the smartphone world is dominated by DUOPOLY, where a client can either choose iOS or GMS which isn't healthy in the service industry when considering the welfare of clients.

  8. Sue Dickinson

    Love the Huawei phones it's a sad shame the new devices come without Google services especially when you already have bought movies from Google play store . We as consumers should have the rights to choose . Google services should continue.but keep alternative there too .

  9. kavorkaa

    The fact that they are in cahoots with such nasty regime is enough for me,they could make the fanciest phones,thank you but no thank you
    Seems a sponsored post
    Unsubscribing too

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