Can electric vehicles go mainstream? | CNBC Reports

There are currently over 5.1 million electric cars on the roads globally, or 0.6% of the passenger car stock worldwide. The International Energy Agency aims to increase the share of electric vehicles globally to 30% by 2030. CNBC’s Nessa Anwar goes on the road to find out the challenges and opportunities in the electric vehicle space.


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23 Replies to “Can electric vehicles go mainstream? | CNBC Reports”

  1. Garrett Glauser

    I could be dead wrong, but I don’t see electric vehicles as the future in America. Americans will not tolerate waiting for 1-2 hours to charge their vehicle at super charger stations. I think hybrids or some kind of hydrogen fuel cell will be the future here, we can fill up in minutes.

    Also, EV are way too expensive, I love Elon musk, but unless he gets the Tesla down to 20k not very many people will be able to afford them. Only time will tell

  2. Shawn Kovac

    haha. 'can' they? LoL. that's like asking in 2004, 'can smart phones survive against home phone service'? 16 years later, i don't know any residential customer who even still has a home phone. well, except for me, but i have a land line and a cell phone, and probably soon convert that land line to a cell line.

  3. chang

    If EV overcome range, it need to close what gasoline cars offering ( 700 km one way range with one fill up gas ) ,and economical , lt need to cost less than 20.000 usd with all the functions. then I think it is possible

  4. nostro2

    no, they can not , switching from oil to EV with todays battery tech isnt sustainable, not enough nickel ( will last for ~ 3 decades if EV replace all petrol cars ) so tbh we have more oil reserves , worldometer tells its 47 years of oil left with todays known reserves .

  5. thomas aquinas

    If the people want them and/or the government mandates it, then yes. The solution might be to have a recharge that has perhaps 12 prongs, so that recharging can occur partially at 12 parts of the battery, perhaps tripling charge-up speed.

  6. Kyle Corbitt

    The Tesla fanboys are out in full force. It’s a fad. I see suvs more than electric. I never see a Tesla on the open road and I drive the turnpike often. They put charging stations in as well. They are a city car. They are a fad. They cost 80k. I have yet to see a model 3. The reason is they don’t want a cheap model. They want the s or y. I don’t see a problem with it but to hype them up and say they are going to be overtaking Ice cars is ridiculous. They won’t. Not for a long time. Until you can charge it up in five minutes and get over 400 miles of range then I will take notice as will millions of people.

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