Can a Watermelon Protect iPhone 6s from 100 FT Drop Test? – GizmoSlip

Watermelons taste amazing, but can they protect an iPhone 6s from a 100 FT drop? Find out! Thanks to Ryanoneil25 on Snapchat who suggested this idea! Add me on Snapchat if you want to interact with me and follow my story as a creator: baldandwinning I do read and respond to a lot of the snaps!

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Thanks so much for watching! It means so much to have everyone watching the channel. I still remember when I had very few views, and it is just so amazing so many people want to follow what I do now. Thank you!

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42 Replies to “Can a Watermelon Protect iPhone 6s from 100 FT Drop Test? – GizmoSlip”

  1. Lil’ Smith

    Guys,to clear this up,the phone would have survived if the watermelon
    was dry.The reason why there were lines going across the phone was in fact because your phone got water damage(like you said in the video)sadly ,it was caused from the moisture of the watermelon.The Screen stayed,if this test was for working purposes,but how were you guys planning to use a phone with lines going up and down the screen and how didn’t you guys know that it would get water damage going into this,you were kinda setting your self up to fail (No hate just saying the obvious

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