Call Of Duty MW2 on LG CX OLED,you MUST see it to believe it!

Testing out Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on the PS4 Pro with my 65 inch 2020 LG CX OLED.

Thanks to for supplying the TV and supporting the channel.

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44 Replies to “Call Of Duty MW2 on LG CX OLED,you MUST see it to believe it!”

  1. xXRony_KsaXx

    Your clips are beautiful … But why did you not put the settings in the screen … until we do the same …. We will not benefit by watching the content without knowing the settings in the screen sdr and hdr …… Thank you

  2. 1Lucky 3agle

    Sorry to sound novice, but could you explain the burning side of things? I play probably about 4 hours a day at most due to work etc. Just I am looking at getting an OLED within the next two years to use with my Series X when I get that too. Thank you!

  3. Tony Lujan

    What are your Game mode settings your OLED? I just can’t find a sweet spot (mostly because I don’t know what I am doing) and any advice will greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  4. DeathByNameTaken

    Hope to go buy an LG CX 48 tommorow to replace my very old 1080p tv, should be a good upgrade for the new consoles. Would have bought one earlier but then a kidney stone invited me on a tour of local hospitals, and that resulted in me simply not having the energy.

  5. arun karthick

    Just got myself a new c9. My question is should I never unplug the tv from the socket. I heard there’s background process going on when turned off. But what about when I want to completely remove the power supply. How much long should I wait to do it after turning off the tv?
    Any help is appreciated guys

  6. Brian M

    Watching this on an 8k QLED so obviously not seeing what you're seeing but it does look damn good! You're likely right about the burn in, my LG does have significant burn in but it's 3 years old and obviously doesn't have the new technology. That opening scene was surreal as it reminded me of the terrorist attack at Istanbul Atatürk Airport a few years ago as I was there at the time! The game play on this tv does really look very impressive. 👍👍

  7. SpitfireSpud

    Hi mate, I just found your channel last week and love your honest views, massive respect for your hard work! I love how the games look on this TV! I'm thinking of picking up the LG OLED 55CX5LB would there be a difference to the 65"? As its about €1800 for the 55". I know there are burn-in concerns, but you have put a lot of that to rest with your previous videos. Thanks

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