California Cops Lose It Over a Drone

One SHARK “Angel” drone causes the California Highway Patrol and the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department to totally lose their cool for two straight days.

Why? The drone was watching California’s largest feedlot. Does the Harris Feeding Company have something to hide?

You can see SHARK’s second video on this encounter here:

Meat Producer Caught Lying to CA Highway Patrol & Fresno Sheriff

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To those who claim that the title of this video is click bait, we completely disagree.

When we say “cops lose it,” some people may think we mean merely their temper, but the cops lost so much more with their nonsense – credibility, dignity, honor, reputation, public trust, respect, professionalism – things that are so much more important than a mere temper tantrum.

Some folks have taken issue when Mr. Hindi’s statement that the cops claimed it was private property. The cops claimed lots of things – that it was private property, public property, and that they didn’t know whose property it was, even though our camera caught the person from Harris telling the cops it is public property.

Cop statement at 1:59:
“…private property, which isn’t necessarily true, but you are on state property right here is the waterway, and no one is allowed on this property, I’m going to ask you to leave.” (which we did not do, and did not need to do)

3:38 When asked why she is taking photos, the laughably overdressed police officer states: “Well it’s to identify you guys that you’re trespassing.”

26 Replies to “California Cops Lose It Over a Drone”

  1. Dooz Owings

    The police taking sides was absolutely without question wrong … That said, your characterization of that place you called a “Ranch”, I believe is wrong … Growing up in Wyoming, that place you showed is not a Ranch, it is more likely a feed lot. Generally speaking, it’s the final stage of filling out a cow prior to consumption by the majority of the public … I will agree with you that the quality of beef from a “feed lot” is NOT anywhere near superior to say something like farm fed, or a straight up Ranch . That’s just my opinion. I applaud your research, and wish your crew the best of luck…

  2. lester prince

    If you want to eat meat. Stop complaining. They are healthy fed and watered. If you want something different start spending your money building a different kind of feed lot. Plus all the jobs to keep it going and the money spent to keep the town alive. Close that place and the town will die.

  3. Doctor BeBop

    I was born in, grew up in, got married in, had kids in, worked in, and retired in California. On my first day of retirement, literally, I sold my house and moved to a state that was Constitution friendly, especially to the Second Amendment. Sorry, California. You're a beautiful state but you can take your politics and bully tactics and shove them up your ass. Your Golden Ass.

  4. The Greenman

    Female cops aren't worth a shit. Nor are they worth a shit in the military – they are a joke. Height requirements for cops went out the window a long time ago to accomodate these little shrimps. Chick obviously has an ego to be wearing a ridiculous costume like that – as if she was on a SEAL mission to kill Osama Bin Landen LOL. They are a joke and put everybody at risk because they are unsafe.

  5. Tristan petersen

    Those cops should be reprimanded those animals are disgusting but it's not the proper way of ranching cows I've driven through there many times it does smell very bad we appreciate your Outreach to bringing the truth wide open to the public to see what awful things are going on at the ranch.

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