Buying the 3DS in 2019 – Is it worth it 8 years later?

8 years after it’s initial release, is it worth buying a 3DS, 2DS, 3DS XL, New 3DS, New 3DS XL, or a New 2DS XL? In this video I help try to answer that question for you by discussing what it’s like to buy, own, and play a 3DS in 2019!

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39 Replies to “Buying the 3DS in 2019 – Is it worth it 8 years later?”

  1. TimeLag Gaming

    Hello everyone, thanks for watching!
    •Are you thinking of getting a 3DS?
    •Have you ever owned a 3DS?
    •What is your favorite 3DS game?
    Keep in mind I think every 3DS model has its own benefits! When I recommend the original 3DS over the others I say that because you can find it for super cheap ($20-40) so for a lot of people who just want one to play some of their old favorites that’s a great option.
    But again the other models are great! And sometimes you can find the other models for great deals too, the other day I saw a NEW 2DS XL for $50 used.

  2. One Two

    I love my snes themed 3ds. Been picking up games NEW, but mostly USED in good condition for cheap. Downloaded sonic games from genesis and gamegear. Sonic 2 for genesis in 3D actually looks pretty sweet.

  3. TFGenoBatssasin 17

    Thanks for the advice about 3DS cause in my country, they're still selling at launch price, even refurb version that I saw online are still expensive and Im really getting confused in which version I should get. And I really needed one cause they have a software to animate and draw and also play few Transfomers game that are exclusive for DS only.

    Your video helps me out, thank you!

  4. Calixen

    Bought a regular 3DS XL for around $100 CDN. Works fine and price wise was decent considering. Look forward to playing the games I've been missing lately

  5. Marta Dębowska

    Bought used 3DS but found it too slow, then bought NN2DSXL. Absolutely love it, I play it in turns with my Switch.

    Could you recommend a case that houses 2DSXL with a grip? All the ones I see won't fit a grip.

  6. SwyftTrakk Media

    Funny story, but I just got mine from goodwill for $20 with charger, a 2gb SD card included, and a copy of soul silver free. I'm ecstatic that it works and now I officially can play 2 generations of consoles in one. Also ironic, getting this 2 years after the switch came out and the day diet nintendo switch was announced.

  7. Codo8

    I can't believe the 3ds is 8 years old already, time sure does fly, I remember getting the original model right when it got that price cut in 2011

  8. RussianDrago

    I have an original brick 2DS that I got as a gift for Christmas a few years ago (to replace my hand-me-down DS lite) and despite other people’s gripes with its design and graphics (which is understandable although it comes with the territory as a handheld with less powerful hardware than home consoles). All in all I absolutely love it. It was an outlet for me to get into Pokémon and Zelda, and play old DS games! Getting it or any other 3DS/2DS is totally worth it in my eyes.

  9. Nubbo

    So my New 2DS XL's upper screen cracked the other day and the first thing I thought of was to get it fixed, but my curiosity about how the 3D looks got the better of me and I ordered a New 3DS XL from Ebay instead (for only 60 quid!). Can't wait for it to come in the mail.

  10. Emma Lehrman

    I was also 11 when it came out, and didn’t buy one until like 2 years ago. My brother had one and I was sooooo jealous. My parents wouldn’t get me one because I never played my DSi lol. I felt so accomplished finally buying one, years later.

  11. penquin

    3ds is sick
    Just go myself from eBay
    New 3ds Xl
    3ds case
    Super Mario maker
    Pokémon ultra sun
    Tomodachi life
    All for a nice £80 which isn't even half of the price of a switch
    Money well spent

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