Buying the $335 DJI Spark Drone in 2019?… Still Worth it?

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31 Replies to “Buying the $335 DJI Spark Drone in 2019?… Still Worth it?”

  1. DMarko22

    Actually I got one Spark Edit on my channel, I bought it out of curiosity. But I didn't fly it as often as I could. It's just boring, it literally hurts my brain…not really but it's still pretty boring.

    Great Edit!

  2. Kyle King

    I would say its still worth it here in June 2019!
    You've inspired me to create my own channel and start filming, if anyone has 2-3 minutes of time to view my movies that would help me out so much.
    Thanks for inspiring myself and others to create content!

  3. Adrian Mateo Drones

    Nice video man, I don’t have the Spark yet, but I am thinking on buying one.
    I just subscribe to your channel and I would appreciate the same in return from you.
    Thanks for all you do and please keep flying.

  4. Samstrex

    the problem with the phone connection becoming choppy has a very easy solution which is to buy an otc cable. Fixes the problem completely from personal experience

  5. Black Bayou

    Old Crip wanting to do a review of a drone, just to give paraplegics like me something to do with there lives. Instead of just sitting in their wheelchairs and rotting. This is just a video to show I'm real, and not some young troll looking for sympathy. ​ that vid also shows the problem I had with DJI tech support (There tech support dont care at all) DJI makes a fairly decent product? But maybe there tech support is bad because they are made in a Communist country? Any contact info for Karma? Watch video. After DJI CRAP can't afford karma

  6. iSonic

    great vid!first it's the best carry-on drone and due to palmlauch/landing i can fly everywhere. my spark has all mavic flightmodes incl waypoint and i get like 2-3 km with solid connection, in urban areas 1.5 – 2 km..always 5.8ghz without antenna boosters. it's a quiet drone, looks like a toy and doesn't draw much attention! i only need 1080p so the only other drone right know would be the parrot anafi, which even has the better image than m2zoom for less than half the price, and most likely the most quiet drone on the market right now plus no nfz! best wishes…

  7. Kenneth Hale

    Love your content buddy. You rock and are a lot of fun to watch plus great information. Please show some love to my new channel. I’m just getting started and could use any help I can get. Thanks

  8. Quinn Carr

    Maybe I'm wrong and correct me if I am but Potato Jet seems to be of the YouTuber group that believes you have to have a Red Camera to produce good video or a 1200 drone to do what you need to do – well you don't, the Spark is as good for any pro looking to add something cost effective to their camera accessories. You don't have to break the bank to make quality content. Just my 2 cents.

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