Buying A Used Pre-Autopilot Tesla Model S: Things To Know

Want to know more about how the Model S has changed over the years and what you’re getting yourself into by considering the purchase of a pre-Autopilot Tesla Model S? Well, look no further because I think I covered most of what you’re looking for right here! 😉

However, I’m sure I forgot some stuff so don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions!

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Helpful Resources:
– Tesla Used Cars Official Site:
– EV-CPO Used Tesla Finder:
– Plug In America Model S Survey Data:
– More Tesla battery degradation data:
– Bjorn’s old Model S 60 vs. Model S 85 Supercharging video:
– Tesla Model S Milling Noise:

Disclosure: The creator of this video is a Tesla owner and is long $TSLA

42 Replies to “Buying A Used Pre-Autopilot Tesla Model S: Things To Know”

  1. SwiftTime00

    Ok, I don't know what you do with your audio, but listening to your videos seriously hurts my ears no matter what volume I put the video at. It's like there are peaks that make my ears throb, never had this with any other videos but it makes these unwatchable for me.

  2. Brian McCall

    This is a great resource for anyone thinking of buying a Tesla Model S.  Lots of good things and less than good things to consider.  I've always wished Honda would buy Tesla and add their unmatched refinement to what Tesla has created.  Fingers crossed Honda brings their sport EV concept to fruition in the US sooner than later!

  3. Daniel Mikhail

    I bought a used 2015 Tesla Model S 85D from a Chevy dealer in northern VA. I got it 2 weeks ago. It had 32k miles on it. It also came with so many accessories. I took it to Tesla for the 3 year service as soon as I got it, because it’s 3 years old and it turned out the person who owned the Tesla before me purchased the extended bumper to bumper warranty and prepaid for service for the first 4 years. I got the car for $59,000. It has auto pilot version 1, a sunroof, wood trim, tan seats, the tech package, and the sub zero weather package. Such a sweet deal! I love this car!

  4. Ed thehead

    Great Video. I am currently looking to purchase a used S in the next few days and this video was very helpful and brought things to mind that i did not think about before.

  5. bryan carter

    Great video! Do all of the used 2014 model S cars on the Tesla website get retrofitted with auto pilot hardware? Or, if they were not made with auto pilot hardware you're just going to be out of luck?

  6. David Gleason

    It took me a minute to fall in love with your videos, having seen a few of them already. But I have come to the realization that you're a beast! Your info and details are second to none. Keep up the great work.

  7. DelilahThePig

    Amazing hearing all this "history", as my company had been installing High Power Wall Connectors sometime before spring 2014 and I still consider all of the cars I encountered state-of-the-art with new owners brimming with pride. I guess a few years have passed and now they're not so new.

  8. Hdjakif Jao

    Hi Alex, thank you for great video with a lot of usefull information. Two questions:
    1) about cruise control this Model S can not brake to prevent crashes, right? Like some form of adaptive CC…
    2) was there not extended drive trein and battery varanty? Over here in the Netherlands 8 year unlimited milage for an 85 kWh battery pack and 8 year/125000 miles for an 60 kWh battery pack

  9. Mark R

    Alex – great video.  On the pre-AP car, how bad is the front parking sensors – I really like the security of having clear picture of the size of the car as in the UK roads are a little smaller than in the UK!   Any insight would be welcomed.  Thanks again, great video.

  10. Dillon B

    I've watched about all of the Tesla videos one person can handle and I can say this is the best informational video on buying a used tesla. The only thing I'd add is that the seats you're sitting on are the performance seats.

  11. Will Gregory

    I have been on the fence for a few weeks about cancelling my Model 3 Reservation. I like the Model S CPO selection, and since I live in North Dakota it will be a long time before I would see any movement for the Model 3 reservation. This video (among your many others) has helped reassure me that I cannot go wrong with a CPO Model S. I may not be able to get Autopilot with a CPO, but at least I could get a Model S within the next month then wait a few years, and then see what Tesla will have to offer as the technology for all Tesla vehicles will grow. I enjoy your videos because they are very informative, and that you are willing to share your experiences (both good and bad) about the Tesla vehicles.

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