Buying a Ryze Tello Drone? Watch This First!

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50 Replies to “Buying a Ryze Tello Drone? Watch This First!”


    GPS does not stabilise a drone🤦🏾‍♂️ GPS is for return to home capabilities etc. The best accuracy for GPS is around 30m. If you are stabilising with 30m accuracy that’s not stable. That’s a seizure

  2. Keith Baldwin

    Hi – great video(s) – I was curious about the wifi range extender USB stick you mentioned – do you know if it was replaced by something else, as it does NOT seem to be on Amazon these days?
    Thanks – I almost bought the Tello, but I wanted higher def video and have opted for the Hover Passport (got a deal on a near-new model).

  3. muzikmon2267

    That controller is way too expensive..

    And different sizes for different phones..

    So if you change your phone you have to buy another controller 🤣

    vitello really made a huge mistake with into not give you a dedicated controller…

    Using a smaller drone like AKASO A21 that comes with a controller and you can charge batteries outside the Drone much better permanently installed prop guards for under one third of the price of the tello..

    Not to mention it's much better indoors and is not as loud as the tello.

    If you're going to spend over $100 you can get a bigger drone that has GPS better quality and a controller like the old yuneec breeze which also has vision positioning sensors, remote controller, GPS, 4k, onboard recording, MUCH BETTER CAMERA, MUCH LONGER RANGE,



  4. muzikmon2267

    About the position visioning sensors..

    They only work well if you have enough light…

    I found from a lot of other drones that altitude hold works better when you're flying indoors for the most part.. especially when you're flying over different objects like couches and tables

    Patella will drift weirdly as you fly it through your house with the changing light..

    the only reason why it's steady for you at that moment is because it's only reading one spot on the floor you're not moving it around over different objects…

  5. baxter dequito

    As long as it comes from the DJI family, they are toys crafted by the hands of the gods of Olympus…but for me, no matter how you romanticized this ryze tello it's nothing but pure trash.. no gimbals, no GPS..? what good is a DJI without it..?

  6. Ahpie

    My friend got this drone for Christmas and he let me use it. I was in love with it so muxh I wanted to buy it and now I will just need to wait 10 more weeks to get enough money.

  7. FreeX

    I have 3 drones
    My first dji phantom 3 professional
    My second dji phantom 4 pro V2 w/screen
    And my main and most expensive dji inspire 2 W/ zen X5S and X5R

  8. greenbeagle13

    Great video/review. Thank you. Just started taking courses in drone flying and we flew a Tello in the classroom – super, super easy. I'm probably going to buy one, but first want to look at your "Alternative Drone" video…

    Well, I was going to look at the "Alternative Drone", but it says "Not Available in my Country/Region"… Can't believe something is not available in the USA…!!!! 😪

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