Buying a DJI Spark? Watch This First!

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Considering buying a DJI Spark? This video explains the pros and cons of the Spark as well as who will get the most out of a Spark and who won’t. If you are researching what drone to buy, this video provides useful information to make an informed decision.

The camera that I’m using in most of my videos is the Panasonic Lumix Z300. You can check it out here.
It shoots 4K, has an external microphone jack, and with a flip around screen, it’s perfect for Youtube videos!

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49 Replies to “Buying a DJI Spark? Watch This First!”

  1. Limitless Potential

    I can’t get it in the air. Today is day 6 of owning one.

    I live in NJ and it is telling me I am in a no fly zone.

    Customer service is a joke.

    I’m hoping someone will be able to lead me in the right direction.


  2. Emerald Lx

    If you can’t build a Lego expert set , don’t buy any drone that is out of visual site . And remember this is a falling projectile that can damage car . A kid down the street for me crashes into a Porsche that was a 83 911 and For things that cannot be replaced and original paint is Not fixable be careful who’s hands you put these in . Good thing for the Tello To say parents money and get their kid a taste of better things to come

  3. Emerald Lx

    Considering a Tello cost 150 with the battery pack bundle and you can get a spark for 299 now . I would rather have the spark I think the design is the best why do you think they made the Mavic air . The spark showed way more promise in this design In my opinion

  4. Rb2268

    I bought a lightly used spark fly more combo from Ebay with aftermarket 6 port charger and lens filter kit + misc trinkets for $409 delivered. I could not be more pleased with the price and the performance of the spark! Just fantastic for my uses! Highly recommend for the non-pro photographer. Dollar for dollar it has got to be the best drone there is!

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