BUSINESS IDEAS FOR 2018 ? 4 Ways To Make Money With Drones

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38 Replies to “BUSINESS IDEAS FOR 2018 ? 4 Ways To Make Money With Drones”

  1. Kurt Love

    I got 3 questions

    1. Can a person in the passenger seat fly it while I drive? And if so at what speeds would be appropriate for it to follow behind and in front of the vehicle

    2. Is there any type of drone that can hover in place for 30 mins to an hour?

    3. Is there any of them that has like 4 hours to 5 hours flight time? Cause if it's rated for that it's most likely got 2 hours max in the air. Lol

    ( I own a large cattle farm. And want some drone footage for different angles of us working )

    I'm trying to stay in the 500 to 600 dollar price range…..I hope one of y'all help me lol

  2. Robbie Gentle

    Re Agriculture: Please be aware Farmers spend a lot of money per hectare to cultivate and produce yield. So if you are going to collect and interpret data, it has to be absolutely precise. You must know exactly what information to collect, interpret and deliver to the Farmer. If your information is erroneous and the farmer loses yield because of it, You will be paying for the yield loss for the rest of your days.

  3. Mat Allen

    99% of what he said was something that a service would do themselves so why would they take a third party's opinion even if you has video of it that most likely want see of pin point troubled areas
    And farmers need drowns to tell what area has pest and needs water when you can look at the plants and tell what insects are infesting them and as far as water or dry dirt really a drone to tell if you need to water no no no but I've got a good idea that help farmers they can plant marshmallow trees and and have drones to chase away the mellow flies that destroy marshmallow crops ever year

  4. Robert Caldwell

    Title 11 S 1334 in my state pertains to drones… are permitted to fly over people's homes as long as you have written permission to do so from the owners (as long as it doesn't interfere with law enforcement, but that's with everything). Doing it any other time would require FAA commercial license, but you could still (technically speaking) take photos/videos of people's yards and houses for money as long as you get written consent from them as well for your business logs (without FAA).

    Each state has different statutes, you should check with your local laws, but they will pretty much be similar.

    I personally can't wait for this technology to go further….with automated systems, centralized recharging and swarm programming to do tasks. I saw one a couple years ago where they were developing a security system that could run a perimeter and detect human movement, spotlight and record back to a central security office, and even have mesh net capture….all autonomous. Another idea came out where drones could be used alongside firefighters to blast these pellets into the fire that explode a fire suffocating chemical. There are so many ideas here and no one seems to be taking advantage of it, oh well.

  5. H K

    Thanks for all your videos! Probably watched most of it. Could u do a video on social media marketing? Like best ways to market your business using social media. Thank u!

  6. JockzOnHoarses

    Thing with drones is that they're not SUPER SUPER regulated yet so there's a ton of stuff you can do with them. (Like you said though, there are laws) Too bad they're so expensive for a quality one though. Eventually technology will get there though.

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