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The SNES and NES Classic have been around for a while now, but for some they have been tough to find. Today we’ll be building a more capable classic system out of the Raspberry Pi 3 that can be found easily. This system is capable of playing most retro systems and can be customized to do other things as well.

Hardware (AFF Links):

Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit:
SNES Case:
NES Case:

Software Links:

RetroPie Download:
RetroPie Install Guide:

Kratos Figure Entry:

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26 Replies to “Building The SNES Classic Raspberry Pi Edition! | Tech Wave”

  1. nickademuss42

    I built mine into a broken NES case, so the power supply, Pie, and USB HDD are all in it. Also the original WII can be hacked to emulate and load off of a SD card and then you have wireless controllers easily. But I think the pie is so much fun to mess with. Also many of the consoles will require the original BIOS of the console to run.

  2. Marlon Brans

    In curious why did you get the old board?? You got it 4 months ago the 3b+ is already out with a FASTER CPU also it has heat spreader thing so temperatures are cooler as well..also faster wifi..and much more but the improved cpu alone makes it worth it and guess what its the SAME price lol.. sorry i just dont get why you didnt go with the new board..
    Maybe the you got was send to you in thst case its free then i guess haha but its the same price tho i wouldnt of bought the older one if i was you

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