Build your own Google Home smart mirror in about two hours

In this video I’ll teach you how to build your own simple Google Home-enabled magic mirror using a Raspberry Pi computer and Google’s AIY Voice Kit.

● Full guide + parts list/links:

● What you’ll need (direct links to Amazon):
pi-top CEED:
Google AIY Voice Kit (V1):
Or, Google AIY Voice Kit (V2):
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+:
pi-top PROTO board (optional):
Small neodymium magnets:
Foam tape:
Super glue:
13″x13″ precut acrylic two-way mirror:

● Or, see all products in our Amazon List:

Special thanks to for donating the pi-top CEED used for this video!

● Theme song:
“Microchip” by Jason Farnham from the YouTube Audio Library.

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37 Replies to “Build your own Google Home smart mirror in about two hours”

  1. M&M Custom

    Awesome project, i´ll be making one my self.can i use a Seeeds respeaker 4-mic array, and the pi-top ceed speaker instead of the AIY kit? since i allready have these parts in my posession.

  2. Vusal Mirzayev

    How to buy from you a finished product Google Home-enabled smart mirror in? How much will it cost? Can you install the siri? Or the Yandex Alice system. I looked at your product and I really liked it and can advise all friends on this product.

  3. Koen Lemmen

    I want to create this mirror as well, but I also have a Google Home Mini in the same room. Will the one closest to me react? If not, is it possible to create the mirror without voice and speaker and have it just display weather, calendar, reminders etc?

  4. Ali Hussain

    What is the board already in the pi-top CEED. And is it required? I want to replicate this project without the pi-top CEED. Also how would we do this without the pi-top PROTO board?

  5. Niko Niko

    "The SW is the boring part so i won't show it"? Dude the most challenging part is the SW installation and were most things go wrong. Pls make a video of the SW installation and config too.

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