Budget EV Battle | Kia Niro EV vs Nissan Leaf

Coming up soon is our full review on the new 200+ mile Leaf Plus, but first, let’s talk about how the Leaf in general compares to the newest EV in America: the new Kia Niro EV. With pros and cons on each side, which would you pick?

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28 Replies to “Budget EV Battle | Kia Niro EV vs Nissan Leaf”

  1. Yen Huang

    Very few (almost none) people mentioned this: NHTSA rating for 2020 Leaf, Kona, Bolt, all 5 stars. On the other hand, Niro only scores 4 stars… I was almost getting niro but this is the deal breaker for me.

  2. pioneer7777777

    For me the big difference was that the Niro is not sold in my state and no dealers would service it. I'm in Minnesota and was told the closest dealer that would service it was in Texas. Also was able to get the LEAF Plus SL for about $10k less than the Niro.

  3. a88888888a

    Leaf only if you travel less than 125 miles between charges and charge up with level 2 80~90% of the time. If you DC fast charge more than 10% of the time the kia is the better choice.

  4. Jeon Oh

    Leap has a poor history on battery life. Not only the liquid cooling, the cell technology itself seems under developed caused by small joint venture production lacks of R&D resources.

  5. Canada is Beautiful!

    The Niro seems better in most regards. liquid cooling (and heating) cant be overstated in its import… Its kinda hard to beleaf (see what I did there!) that Nissan is sticking with air cooling their battery. the cargo area in the Niro looks way more practical too, the sub in the Leaf is just plain weird!

  6. Peter Berg

    Bought the standard LEAF last year and it has been a great car (pricing was really good on it). More basic than some of the other EV's.. but works great, and is much cheaper to run and maintain than a gas vehicle.

  7. John Doyle

    Thanks, today I put a deposit on the Niro. UK here.

    I prefer the standard SUV look.
    I like the longer range, I can use the longer range battery to enjoy sport mode for shorter routes, and Eco when i need the range.
    Long waiting time in UK , but whatever.
    This is not a criticism, just a comment on the difference between our Countries, we say Niss, as in Hiss, and San as in Man.
    Thanks for a very good review.

  8. Kathy VanDoren

    Can't believe Nissan cut corners with such important features as battery cooling, interior quality, and charging . Very poor decision making and they will lose a lot of buyers including me. I have aNissan now. It's high time all these manufacturers stop overcharging customers for EVs and give us some quality choices.


    I am not at all a fan of Nissan like I used to be. Kia is top 3 for me now though. Yet, the Kia styling could use some more creasing and sharpness on its body.

  10. W W

    I will choose e Niro. The opening in the back is more desirable. Having the ability to take a space tire is also a plus. I wonder if there is any improvement for the 2020 model.

  11. J.

    KIA Dealers are adding additional $5,000 above sticker price, standard EX $45,000 to the premium $51,700.  not worth purchasing …specially with newer 2020 EV coming out at the end of the year …  The dealer stated their doing this due to: not to much EV cars yet in the market, prices will go down once more competitive EVs are available.   hahahahha  what a rip off…

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