Budget Console Gaming Setup 2018 (Xbox One)

This is my current gaming setup. It is very affordable and gets the job done for playing games such as Fortnite, PUBG, and others.

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External Hard Drive:

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34 Replies to “Budget Console Gaming Setup 2018 (Xbox One)”

  1. Danielle Dickey

    me and my brother currently share an xbox and i hate it. im watching these kind of videos to see what i need and how it should look. i just need to get an xbox and a monitor because i have everything else. i currently have no money to buy these things right now, but im going to work on it :))

  2. Yoshi's reviews

    I only have a really nice dell monitor and my still working Xbox one but the monitor doesn’t have a hdmi port so I have to buy vga to hdmi but I will try to also buy a desk and some led lights

  3. Ricardo Napoles

    My gaming setup:
    Xbox one
    60 in tv
    Go plus gaming chair

    by the way I'm going to get a desk and a couple monitors this is not a gaming setup I'm just saying this is how I play all my games like fortnite and Roblox

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