48 Replies to “Brave drone infiltrates yacht/Heroic RC Bandito trolls on the beach”

  1. Demon Lord Gaming

    Would you shock them with the drone so they get killed by whoever they're fighting? That would be hilarious and they would rage way too much HAHAHAHAHA, and even better: Not knowing it was you

    And to, don't forget to check out my video "Destroying a cheap Broomstick user", it's made for you and Ghillie <3

  2. IllI lIIl

    Why all tryhards are dressed like that ? They look so ridiculous and look like scum…. Firstly they have no skills and secondly they have no styles 😀 :D. So pathetic kids….

  3. AlaskanBas

    Yachts are nice tools against tryhard fools. Sometimes people launch an attack on my yacht, but they get pushed back by accurate machine gun fire, my heavy sniper MkI (I like it more than the MkII and I have thermal goggles any way) and maybe even a mortar aka grenade launcher. If they manage to get onto my yacht, I have explosives, tear gas, a bullpup rifle MkII (for CQB, with iron sights) and an assault shotgun for them.

  4. John Brown

    broomstick boy / pumping kd . huuuh . you seem mad bro. that's what this game is about . you at grief in a lobby . leave lobby simple as that. why little girls always crying about how players on gta play. that's the aim of the game. if you can't handle pvp don't play gta it's tbsy simple . don't get mad and hate. just acsept and move on . crying for

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