BMW M760Li v Tesla Model S v Audi RS 6 v Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate DRAG & ROLLING RACE

It’s time for another carwow drag race – and this is one of the most epic yet! This time I’ve assembled four performance monsters all with over 600hp and all-wheel-drive – and because, well… I can. This video will, though, settle two big scores all in one video: which brand makes the world’s fastest wagon, and who makes to most rapid luxury saloon? To find out, the Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate, the Audi RS 6 Avant, the BMW M760Li and the Tesla Model S P100d line up against each other, for one of the closest ever carwow races. You won’t want to miss this!

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47 Replies to “BMW M760Li v Tesla Model S v Audi RS 6 v Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate DRAG & ROLLING RACE”

  1. OrhanGaming0321

    Matt, sorry but the cars you choose to put against each other isn’t right. Like you do this in nearly every video. You put a 7-Series against an E-Class and RS6. Like i understand the Tesla, but why not an S8 and S63 or S65 AMG

  2. Martin M

    If they come up with an affordable electric hatchback, sedan and stationwagon that cover ~500-700km on one full charge, most petrol cars will be gone in a couple of years. I know, it's about the sound and the feeling but technically an electric motor is superior.

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