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  1. Marco Panzanni

    Looks to me like the guy is desperately fishing for anything to boast the BMW, choking the works, it's sad really. U also forgot the BMW i3 is FUGLY!
    0.32CdA in i3 Bimmer? Holly God! thats Crap! My 1993 Mitsubishi Mirage coupe had 0.32CdA, …think about this for a sec… 1993 not 2018.
    Other than the interior of the i3 which i like a lot (& the heat pump), everything else on it i hate.

  2. ytesb1

    I have the Tesla Model 3, and the single biggest takeaway from owning the car a couple of months is that I never want to go back to an ICE car. I would consider a BMW in the future if they can take their 3 series cars or X cars and electrify them so they are equivalent to a Tesla.

  3. phuong nguyen

    You buy what you need, for me I want try out EV, M3 in oct 2018 costs 60k, an 2016 I3 Rex fully loaded for 20k, my commute is 40 miles a day. I3 is a perfect choice and a wonderful car, not as nice as M3 but it serves my need and I have a feeling down the road in 3 to 5 years I will have last laugh with my I3 with a longer range battery as long as M3 or even longer dirt cheap…

  4. -Vincent-

    As more people experience the Tesla Model 3, regardless of what powers their next car gas or electric etc. The BMW i3 sales are going to tank to close to zero then will likely be a memory. I own a Model 3, the car is superior on many levels to BMW i3. It's got to be tough to make a video when he owns an i3 and realizes he should have waited and bought a Tesla.

  5. Nemo Nobody

    Absolutely amazing video!
    I own a 2014 BMW i3 base (not REX.) Did I hear correctly at the end of your review that BMW is "done" with this model? As in they will no longer manufacture the i3? My evil plan was to upgrade to a larger capacity battery in a few years. Last I heard, BMW of North America was piloting the battery upgrade program for the i3's. Of course this program will not materialize in the US if the i3 is discontinued. Would you happen to have any info on this? Thanks again for the great video!

  6. Christopher Kincey-Kamau

    host didnt do his homework. doesnt know bat tech so thinks all bat are similar. also doesnt know why panasonic and tesla bat are superior in their industries. no other bat supplier or car co can come close to these innovative advantages and wont catch up for several years. model 3 is already #4 selling sedan in usa and poised for massive sales in europe and asia once they can deliver them. bmw has steady wuarterly loses in ice sales and ev sales are loss leader plus no legacy car co is geared up to produce volume forcing masses to buy vest product anyway. i3 is fluff. model 3 is this century's ford mdel t.

  7. Christopher Kincey-Kamau

    a ""$50k+ city driver econo car?

    bmw loses money on each car they sell so no incentive to really compete.

    bmw is not adaptive. no upgrades without buying whole new car.

    see h o w much bat charge life after 5 to ten years of use for each of these vehicles. in EV mrkt reuse after initial sale should be a factor but folks just assume there will be a resell mrkt. there will be but only tesla products.

  8. Mrt T

    If you make one of the ugliest cars in history, the Tesla would win by land slide….
    BMW's are only good at autobahns… The rest of the world has to deal with problems…
    That of course if you can get your pre ordered Tesla delivered before end of the times…
    Just get a car that runs without problems at good mileage with good safety measurements that is at your value… I am half expecting those electric cars to catch on fire like cell phones…

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