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A review of the IBT371 Waterproof, Shockproof, Bluetooth speaker by iHome. Not a sponsor. Buy it here! :

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This video was shot using a Canon 70D. It is not sponsored by Canon, Apple, or any other brands or logos portrayed in this footage.

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24 Replies to “Bluetooth Speaker Review : iHome IBT371 |mM”

  1. Tom Kirchhoff

    I got this one because at kohls it was the loudest and bassiest out of all the others for under $50. I take mine on my packpack and go mountain biking with buddies its like a fucking party

  2. Connah Jay

    Bought one for my dad at Costco to pair with a Mac Mini… For $30 you really can't complain. Good for podcasts and has decent wireless range. I would recommend for a cheap buy.

  3. EmperorKagato

    It definitely has bass. But, certain music can make it peak if turned up beyond 70% on your phone (when at max on the device).

    For some strange reason anything by BTS peaks but music done by a more talented producers like Knife party doesn't make it peak.

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