BIG TV Living Room Setup | LG 75” NanoCell

In this video we had the priviedge of adding the LG 75 inch NanoCell TV to the living room. This Big TV is packed full of features including NanoCell Technology, Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos, TruMotion 200 and many more incredible features to make this the best TV viewing experience I’ve ever had.

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A huge thank you to LG for supplying this TV – However, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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33 Replies to “BIG TV Living Room Setup | LG 75” NanoCell”

  1. Eric Alvarez 76

    I bought the same TV in 65", Good overall, but I come across a problem, does anyone else see this on their sets? When viewing a black picture I can see graying or Blooming on the corners, I first thought my set was defective and returned it to the store, Got a brand new one (same model) and guess what same issue, its just not perfect black on the edges of the TV
    I am still keeping it because I love the Web os and Magic remote, couldn't do without it

  2. RmforeverTv

    just bought this guy today,
    well i pre ordered it at my tech store,theyll have it in a week or so, i am really hyped for this tv
    finally i can grt the most out of my series x (i currently have a quantum dot 4k samsung 65incj from 2016) 😁😁😁

  3. ckj1103

    I was shocked to find out Panasonic is no longer available here so I got this instead. Toss up between this one and the Sony x900h. Hope I made the right decision.

  4. Le SPOOK

    I’m gonna save up for this! Going to go from a 43 to a 65 inch! I’m sure that will be a huge improvement in both size, quality, and frame rates right? My current 43 is 4K 60hz. I want that 120hz so I can enjoy my Series X in 4K 120hz!!!

  5. Willie Ooi

    Thanks for your review I have the same tv 75 inch Nano 95 and it’s fantastic . There lot of negative sentiment on Nano people who read some rtings review and keep suggesting Oled which is 4 times more expensive. For the real colour and brightness and fairly reasonable local dimming this is a great tv for the money and if you want to go 8k for the ultimate immersion.

  6. Dean a

    Your sound bar and subwoofer must have been pretty poor if the sound from the tv was a good enough audio replacement.. Makes the review seem like an advert rather than genuine

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