Beyond Android: A look at the Chevrolet Bolt prototype

Today we’re taking a look at Chevrolet’s Bolt EV – an all-electric car that will feature some awesome connectivity technology when it comes to market.

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28 Replies to “Beyond Android: A look at the Chevrolet Bolt prototype”

  1. Andromeda Wins

    please do not complicate this car with smartphones and LCD screens also do plate charging like european porsche misiion E, no cable charging please its a headache just plain 200 mile car with no LCD screens deteriorating the eyesight its enough we look at tje tvs and laptops

  2. TekReviews

    Chevy already has the EV Spark but ONLY sold in California. WTF! At least Kia sold the Soul EV in 3 states within a matter of 2 months. They only stated California and New York but Washington State already has Kia Soul EV's for sale at our local dealership.

  3. Irwin Phillip

    Not sure if you guys are open for constructive criticism … But it would be better if I could hear the questions asked without having to use in ear headphones on max volume. Bit I like the concept and the manner in which the questions were answered.

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