22 Replies to “Beta64 – Wii Channels, Miis and the Wii Menu”

  1. Calvin Metzger

    I’m so happy that I’m old enough to share nostalgia for things like the Wii. The Wii is just the perfect thing to learn about for me, between the nostalgia, the tech, and the wholesome Nintendo-ness, I just find it so interesting


    Wow… this makes me so nostalgic and sort of sad. When I was a kid and I finally got an XBOX I thought my family’s Wii was the most boring console ever. Looking back on it I really do miss the controls sitting on my grandma’s coffee table and playing with the family whenever we wanted. The wii was the ONLY console I’ve ever gotten my grandma to play on with me and nothing compares since. I want one again!

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