Best Travel Cases & Accessories for the Nintendo Switch

What do you look for in a case? Size or durability? If you wanna make the most out of your Switch, you’re going to have to take it out of the house every once and a while. Here’s some cases and accessories to make traveling with your Switch a little bit easier.

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36 Replies to “Best Travel Cases & Accessories for the Nintendo Switch”

  1. Qieth

    Do you bring the rails (is that what you call it?) with the string along in your case? I want to bring them along, but my case doesn't really have a good room for it them, and without them you can't have an impromptu Mario Kart session!

  2. Mr. Taco

    I actually bought the sn30 pro and it connected to my switch easily and then it connected to my brothers easily and then I was about to connect back to mine but it didn’t work at all and I couldn’t connect it back to mine and I can’t figure out anyway to connect it back up to my switch I wish I could just connect it using a usb c cable to my dock with my switch connected but that doesn’t work and which is a huge design flaw because that gets rid of the easiest way to connect a controller and I need help to connect it to my switch does anyone know a solution

  3. Napoleon Voulgaridis

    To answer your question, i like a mix of size and durability, so the second case you showed off is something more up my alley. But like yourself, when traveling, I try to make it light.
    I really hope/wish that Nintendo will come out with a more portable dock that would be exactly like the one you had in the video…except you know, without any chances of it bricking my switch. I also found a replacement for the Nintendo power adapter. They came out with a USB-C to USB corde which wraps nicely and Nintendo also came out with an AC to USB plug that's much smaller than the one that comes with the console. So it wraps everything up nicely. With all of that, I bring my hori stand as I prefer it over the others. It's nice and compact, sturdy and allows you to charge your switch as you play.

  4. kyle sousa

    I got the generic version of that gray case to keep it slim, bring a usb c pd charger to fast charge the switch and my phone, and have a usb power bank that can slow charge the switch but fast charge my phone. Going for carrying as little as possible with the most usability

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