Best SNES PAL Region Games Never Released in North America – SNESdrunk

Games covered here:

The Firemen
Cannon Fodder
Super Bomberman 3
Pop’n TwinBee: Rainbow Bell Adventures
Asterix & Obelix
Lucky Luke
Dragon Ball Z games
Pop’n TwinBee
Super Dropzone
The Humans
Hebereke’s Popoitto
Micro Machines 2
Smash Tennis
Sensible Soccer: European Champions
World Class Rugby
Super International Cricket

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33 Replies to “Best SNES PAL Region Games Never Released in North America – SNESdrunk”

  1. Dessan01

    Cannon Fodder is an absolutely amazing game and was one of our best loved of all time over here in the U.K it’s simple but highly addictive – to quote the tag line war has never been so much fun! The Amiga is the only way to play it really because of the slightly better graphics and the fact it controls a lot better with a mouse, and it has a disk save as opposed to password, but the snes version has all 30+ missions with a great progressive difficulty and it’ll keep you hooked. Another game that got a release on PAL exclusive was theme park, it’s not the greatest ever and features none stop obnoxious fair ground / clown music looped forever in game, but with a mute button it’s a passable version to say it’s a PC port – similar to doom snes owners just shouldn’t have got it.

  2. Nintality

    A shame really, pal is the worst region for games. They are slower and have a smaller screen then ntsc or ntsc-j versions. I have seen a Terranigma ntsc patch though that makes it run 60 fps ntsc instead of 50 fps pal and with full screen

  3. Ace Aileron

    I think this is the first time I've heard you rank the Soul Blazer trilogy and I agree with your assertion. Terranigma was a masterpiece in almost all aspects (story, music, controls, game play, difficulty). However, while many will disagree I personally find Soul Blazer to be a better game than Illusion of Gaia. Maybe it’s due to the ability to change equipment, perhaps it’s because it has a “traditional” level system or simply because the story, while simplistic, doesn’t take its self too seriously.

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