Best Smart Thermostats – Nest vs Ecobee4 vs Honeywell!

Best Smart Thermostats – Nest vs Ecobee4 vs Honeywell
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Continuing my look at the best smart home tech, in this video I bring you my Nest Thermostat 3rd gen review, Nest Thermostat E review, Ecobee4 review, and Honeywell Lyric T5 review – this one is all about the best smart thermostats on the market today, and all four of these devices function as some of the best smart home tech you can buy. What makes them smart? These thermostats can be controlled directly, from your smartphone, with your voice, and even automatically based on your physical location.

I also compare the Nest vs Nest Thermostat E, and Nest vs Ecobee4, and even Nest vs Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat. They all have their own price points and feature sets, so let’s take a look at them all to find the best smart thermostat for your smart home.

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25 Replies to “Best Smart Thermostats – Nest vs Ecobee4 vs Honeywell!”

  1. D Z

    What's the point of wasting money on sensors when most people have their ac run through the same air duct. If room A is too cold and room B is just right the sensor will keep kicking the temperature up until room A is a bit warmer but room B gets too hot. This will also cause more energy to be used..

  2. Jim McNevin

    My Ecobee 3 failed after 3 years. Contacted Ecobee and did everything they said. The stat itself is the problem. No warranty left and way to expensive to be paying $250.00 for 3 years of service. Ecobee wouldn't help so I think I am looking elsewhere. Anyone want to buy 3 remote sensors cheap?

  3. TaoZen

    Ever since Google bought Nest my thermostat has become an idiot. For example I just turned the stupid thing down after it decided I needed to be warmer. Less than 5 minutes later it's turning the temperature up. This goes on all the time. It is going in the garbage.

  4. David Tibbitts

    I just ordered the nest learning. Even though I already have one Honeywell device. I do have Google home mini and Google hub. That made my choice clear even though I could have gone with the E.

  5. Mike W

    Got one of those silent thermostats that doesn't need talking to. It's got this cool little glass tube inside with mercury that acts like a switch and a pretty little tight wound spring that expands and contracts when the temperature changes moving the mercury switch which turns the air conditioning and heat on and off. It's been on the job for 40 years. Yes, I set it in the morning and then when I get home, that's all the attention it needs. Now that's what I call a smart thermometer.

  6. L A

    Got two Ecobee4s for $174.99 ea. They took $50.00 off installation of each unit. Two warranties were only $19.99 per unit. I walked into BB on the right day. 🙂

  7. jim DiTroia

    The Nest does not save you money…they can not be programmed in 30 min
    intervals thus actually costing you more when you just want to run your
    unit for 1/2 an hour. They must remain on for a full hour.

  8. Nick Alati

    Actually sir you are wrong, Honeywell first smart thermostat was in 1989 – Honeywell Chronotherm III
    ( ). You should do some research before posting a Review. Nest is like the Microsoft of Thermostats, they do an update and you have to reprogram. I think the Nest product line is mostly properly only from their advertising. And want to be Youtubers just feed that popularity! techie people like the Ecobee so they can customize their Z-wave (How the Thermostat talks to Google Assistant or Alexa) to set up an If This Then That (ITTT) program. Contractors like Honeywell for their reliability and ease of use.

  9. Steve Jeffery

    I have one major issue with the nest thermostate. After doing a ton of research I came to the conclusion that there is no way to override the nest schedule. Most times I want to use the schedule that I manually set up. But other times my work shift schedule occaisionally changes for short periods of time and I would like to bypass my nest schedule and run manually. But it really sucks that the nest will not let me have that option. I also have a Honeywell wifi thermostate that easily allowes me to bypass schedule when needed. Looks like I will be reinstalling that.

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