Best Smart Lock Review: The Schlage Connect Z-Wave Lock Works Great with Wink, SmartThings & Indigo

Want a Smart Lock , but Confused with all the choices? Not to Worry! We have tried & returned several, & can highly recommend the Schlage Connect BE469 both for Security and Compatibility with almost any Home Automation System that supports Z-Wave.

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Chris has been in the market for some smart door locks, and after trying a few different products, he’s landed on the Schlage Connect.

It’s always important to balance security, reliability and features and that’s where the Schlage Connect shines. It doesn’t have overly complicated sensors, doesn’t rely on your smart phone, or bluetooth. Instead it allows a Z-wave hub to allow control from your smartphone, and also has a physical keypad that will work even if the internet goes down.

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  1. Israel Gonzalez

    this Video has already been uploaded years ago, you wont find anything new here. Just wanted to let you know so you won't waste your time looking for the newest smart lock devices. (All these on the video are old models)

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