Best Smart Light Switch? Ecobee Switch+ Review!

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ecobee Switch+ is a smart light switch with far-field voice technology and built-in Amazon Alexa virtual assistant voice control.

The Switch+ is like a smart personal assistant and simple light switch wrapped into one. With the built-in microphone and speaker for Amazon Alexa, the Switch+ enables invisible voice control in any room it’s installed in. It also provides smart light control by detecting occupancy and daylight. Also, a software update coming this summer will enable the Switch+ to function as a sensor to manage hot or cold spots in a room when the switch is paired with an ecobee thermostat. Like all ecobee products, the Switch+ integrates with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, SmartThings, and IFTTT.

Inside the box you’ll find the Switch+, a wall plate, 4 wire nuts, 2 mounting screws, and the setup guide. The install is fairly simple and only takes about 45 minutes. Even though you can follow the setup guide that comes in the box, it’s probably easier to download the free ecobee app because the app will actually walk you through the entire process with helpful videos.

After installing, you can use the ecobee app to finish setting up the Switch+ by creating your free ecobee account, giving your Switch+ a name & location, and connecting it to your WiFi network. Keep in mind that even though it has built-in WiFi, it does not have Bluetooth enabled at this time. Once it’s fully set up you can control your Switch+ from anywhere using the ecobee app as long as you’re connected to the internet.

On the app home screen you can quickly turn the light on or off using the main button or you can tap the middle icon at the bottom to bring up more controls. the Smart On feature will automatically turn on the lights when someone enters the room. If you enable daylight detection, Smart On will only activate when the room is dark. Smart Off will turn the lights off when no one is in the room, and you can set the off timer to different intervals based on your preference. Another awesome feature is the built-in night light which will automatically glow when the room is dark. And if you have your Switch+ set up as an outdoor light, you can set it to automatically turn on at sunset which is nice.

Amazon Alexa is a big part of the Switch+ because it allows you to perform voice commands like asking it to set a timer, read the news, give you the weather forecast, and more. This is all part of ecobee’s “Whole Home Voice” vision to deliver effortless hands-free voice control in every room without dealing with hubs or wires.

To start using Amazon Alexa, first link your Amazon account within the ecobee app. Then download the free Amazon Alexa app and sign in with your Amazon account. Next, add the ecobee skill and authorize Amazon Alexa with your Switch+. Then you can ask Alexa to discover devices, and Alexa should respond with the name of your Switch+.

What’s really cool is the built-in speaker that I mentioned earlier, and if you’re in the US and have Amazon Prime you can tell it to play any song that’s available on Amazon Prime Music and it will play it out of the speaker. Don’t expect to use this as a high fidelity party speaker for loud music but honestly if you just want to listen to low-level background music while you’re working or studying, this little speaker does the job. You can also listen to iHeartRadio and use Tune-In Radio for audiobooks & podcasts, with support for SiriusXM & Pandora coming soon.

Switch+ doesn’t currently have Spotify integration but if you have an Amazon Alexa-enabled Sonos speaker, you can ask Alexa to play music on Spotify that way. I don’t have a Sonos speaker but I was able to add a skill in the Alexa app that lets me control the playback of Spotify on my iMac which is pretty cool. And that is the key, search the Amazon Alexa app for any skill that you’re interested in and if it’s available you can add that skill to the ecobee Switch+. And you can also control other smart lights in your home if they’re connected to your Amazon Alexa account. I was also surprised at how well the Switch+ picked up my voice from across the room and even when I was playing music pretty loudly it heard me most of the time.

Overall I think this is a pretty neat smart device that is perfect for people who want voice-control in their home without adding bulky hubs or wired speakers since this is just a small light switch basically hidden on the wall.


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32 Replies to “Best Smart Light Switch? Ecobee Switch+ Review!”

  1. Ankur Saluja

    I have ecobee 4 and this switch will be nice addition and can use as room sensor, however it’s little bit pricey right now. I hope price will drop and more people can get them.

  2. Corey Wooden

    Great switch. Like the presenter… gets through fast and efficient. Don't feel like my time was wasted with a bunch of filler or life stories. I would love a couple of these switches, especially to set up auto light on and off feature.

  3. Daniel Ayd

    I love the idea but the execution of this switch seems incomplete since it doesn't include the humidity sensor so as far as integration with the thermostat it just doesn't seem complete.

  4. db Music Productions

    As I am deciding whether or not to buy an Ecobee Smart Switch I appreciate your video. Please consider editing your audio to suppress (or completely eliminate) the volume of the word "Alexa". That's what the cool kids are doing these days.

  5. Ryan

    So many questions since you rushed through the light switch portion to get to the gimmicky Alexa stuff. Does the switch work over 4G/3G? Can the switch be programmed to come on besides just having it come on at dark, etc? Like, to manually set from 5PM-8:30PM etc. Does the switch internally store the desired lighting schedule so it can come on without a constant connection to WiFi? (Wemo Switch's do this). Perfect for people who only internet is a wifi hotspot on their cellphone and who take their internet with them when the leave the house.

  6. dingding0220

    It's a nice option for people just getting in to home automation. I use Insteon devices and for the same price ($100) I can get a normal Alexa speaker plus an Insteon light switch. This is given that I already own an Insteon Hub though.

  7. Aaron Kelley

    Might want to limit the number of times you say Alexa in review videos or consider beeping it out as those of us who already have the assistant in use get frustrated with having to deal with multiple falls activations when watching.

  8. The Final Verdict

    So I guess this is more like a smart monitor sensor switch, huh? For the price, I feel it should’ve also included a dimmer capabilities. So has Ecobee addresses the same issue that Apple ran into before? There was a case where someone broken into a neighbor’s house by telling Siri to unlock the doors. Voice recognition should definitely be implemented on these devices if we are heading into an “all-smart-home” type of living.

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