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  1. Akil M

    I'm trying to set the resolution for my LG 50UK6090PUA to the best quality, I don't see 1080p or 1080i, when I tap the info button it says 480p. How do I get the highest resolution for my tv?

  2. Next door neighbor gamer

    The feeling I get when people talk about PS4 pro being 4k… People would you please do your homework. The PS4 can only use checker board rendering to achieve 1440p, that is not 2160p(4k). So go ahead and keep tinkering with the settings, all your doing is polishing a turd. I have an Xbox one X, and actually seeing games in 2160. I own this tv and the games I play look incredible.Stop kidding yourselfs haha.


    Hi JP thanks for the settings i was struggling to get the best picture and tweaking with the settings but your settings just gave me the best calibration the image looks beautiful now thanks for your help

  4. Siobhan Chapman

    Can anyone advise best settings for LG 4k tv for ps4 I can't see the backgrounds they look so bright over the horizon. The faces look bright against sun so you can't see them. I've tried every setting and nothing is working. Everything is just blurring into one because of it

  5. ConcretJungle 83

    Just brought this tv today. But it was model 62 instead of 61 and doesnt say pro. So 2 questions.
    1. Where it seys color gaument. Mine seys wide extreme or auto. So which one would be best for the settings you have.
    2. Since i have a different model number. 62 instead of 61 and i have webos 3.5. Which is the newer model.

  6. trickybilly

    I have bought this TV (43 inch version) in August 2016 and got rid of it. It is RGBW. It needed a motherboard change due to memory problems. After the fix it worked 100%, but yesterday I have got rid of it.

  7. Red Band Beta

    I’d add to this since the LG update. Dynamic contrast on high if you find HDR too dim. Also, change black level to high and change your xbox one or ps4 settings to Full range/RGB. I was having major issues seeing anything but it was great after this change. Especially if you are finding wildlands unplayable at night and then too bright in the day.

  8. Peter Arany

    hi, I`ve just purchased an lg sj8000 49" tv…. and very new to this kind of technology…it is a big step up from our 5yrs old samsung lcd tv and I need a bit of advise how to set the tv to enjoy the best out of it… I noticed that in darker conditions the screen is too dark but dont know where to start…would you be able to give some advise? many thanks

  9. MR.Cali-Scratcher

    I just got the 65 inch version of this tv yesterday I can confirm that it is a 10 bit panel with a wide color gammit and yes it has real HDR 10 but only shows up if you are using HDR content like Netflix . Then a message pops up in the top right corner of the tv that
    Tells you the tv has detected HDR content thats when the true HDR settings will pop up in the picture settings which are HDR vivid which is what i use and then there is HDR standard and HDR bright . And if your not using HDR then u will only see HDR effect which isn't real HDR it minics HDR for non HDR content. But if you have a PS4 or Xbox one s you will see the fourth HDR mode which is HDR game mode. So for the price this tv is awesome especially when your watching 4k videos on YouTube colors pop and content seems like your looking at in right in front of you in real life . So for a non led or oled or QLed super uhd tv this tv is great for the price and will give you what u need for 4k gaming or 4k streaming and non 4k content looks good too

  10. Daz alucarD 1972

    I've got the 55uh615v model and have both ps4 pro (hdmi 1 ) and xbox one S connected ( hdmi 3) . On hdmi 3 when i press settings and go into picture mode only HDR VIVID , BRIGHT & STANDARD are displayed . On HDMI 1 when i go into the same setting there is VIVID , STANDARD , ECO , CINEMA , SPORTS , GAME , PHOTO , HDR EFFECT ( LOW , MEDIUM , HIGH ) , EXPERT BRIGHT ROOM , EXPERT DARK ROOM. Why are the two HDMI settings different . ???

  11. GODzilla GSPB

    "HDR effect" only mimics HDR. True HDR must be supported by the source (movie or game). Examples on the PS4 are Uncharted 4, TLoU Remastered and Horizon Zero Dawn.

    It was a pretty long and exhausting process to actually calibrate my LG to the right look with HDR and this guide does not help I'm afraid, because it does not really cover HDR.

  12. Joeki11a

    Your PS4 is not in HDR if you are allowed to access "HDR effect" sorry, LGs only allow 4 specific HDR modes while playing HDR…
    the latest update added HDR GAME. So I am not sure why you are showing FIFA in HDR effect….when clearly the PS4 is not in HDR, if it was you couldn't access those settings.

  13. Joeki11a

    people think HDR is for brighter image….HDR is YUV 420 or 422….which is fake RGB…..the current HDMI cables can't deliver RGB HDR, so the closest is YUV 420 or 422….Also its quite the opposite in what to expect from HDR. In games it won't make a scene look super clear or bright….NOPE it will make dark areas darker & light areas aka lights brighter for a more real look.

    HDR needs to be explained to people….well to GAMERs, who assume it is to bright up the image….no it is actually to settle the image, no more punchy contrast skies…now you see each cloud…and the actual Orb of the sun coming through.

  14. Rob Church

    Great video
    Quick question I've gone in to my ps4 slim silver edition and tried to enable hdr but keep getting a message saying this TV does not support hdr any ideas
    Is it the wrong type of hdr TV or do you need to have a ps4 pro to make hdr work thanks

  15. nibbo ofbrad

    any idea why , on my lg 4k 3d tv i download 4k movies an they wont play on my tv, not thro usb of streaming from pc to tv so annoying got a 4k tv for 2 years not watched nothing in 4k 🙁

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