29 Replies to “Best PS4 Controller? Razer vs Scuf vs Nacon!”

  1. Stéphane Robert Decker

    Here's something to add to your review: SCUF is poor build quality and at 200usd that's an insult.

    We have 2 scuf infinity 4ps in our family.
    On one the trigger stopped coming all the way back so in fortnite it registered as pushed and there was no way to stop shooting other than pulling the trigger back yourself… try that during a build battle. Exactly.

    The other has multiple issues. Poor button response, a weird large dead zone on the right stick for no reason at all, doesn't alert the ps4 when battery gets empty, it just switches off without a warning.

    They are less than 6 months old.


    DO NOT BUY SAVE YOURSELF. I got 3 replaced and the fourth also BROKE. The first razer raiju controller I got, the ring around the left analog stick was loose causing it to get stuck all the time so I sent it back and it got replaced after 6 weeks.. then after a perfect one month of gameplay the R2 would signal by itself causing me to bazooka myself. Soo I sent it back, got replaced after 5 weeks.. Then after 2 months of gameplay the camera would tilt up slowly without me touching it, you move the right stick down so you are looking down it slowly looks up. I sent it back and got a new one agggaaiinn and after 5 weeks my ps4 would say too many usb connections everytime I plug the controller in.. now Im gonna try get a refund on this crap and look for a new controller. Worst ever experience ive had while gaming. Save yourselves from this misery!

  3. Konatsu Desu

    If you guys are a Switch or Xbox player, I highly recommend the Nacon Revolution. That is because it has the analog sticks on the upper left. Which makes the player easier to control while playing on the PS4. Even I can’t get used to the Dual Shock 4. So that’s why I use Nacon’s. Scuf’s controllers are basically a scam. It breaks easily if you’re not careful with it. Raiju has the quick controls which is kind of in the way. There is a gaming headset where you can mute the mic or un-mute it. It’s technically a win for Nacon. The OG PS4 players can’t play with it very well on their first time, but the cable management and the extra buttons help your gameplay. The lights on the analog stick also make it better as you’re playing. Even if the controller has so many options, it is still worth the price. Scuf and Raiju, those are for RICH AND SPOILED people, so I still recommend the Nacon Revolution controller.

  4. TeMPoral Brandon

    I use a Nacon Pro Revolution 2 controller and it is FAR better than a standard PS4, no question about that, the analog sticks on the Nacon make standard PS4 controller’s analog sticks feel stiff.
    Regarding the “paddles” on the back, I personally don’t use it because I find it strange and uncomfortable however that may be just because I never customised what I wanted those “paddles” to do and I also never tried to get used to it. Do any of you guys own a Nacon or any other pro controller? If so let me know and tell me your opinions on it!

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