Best Nintendo Switch Case!

Best grip cases to buy for Nintendo Switch!
Interested in one of them? Check em out down below!

Skull & Co:

???Stuff I Use???
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32 Replies to “Best Nintendo Switch Case!”

  1. ShadowBassMan

    I ordered the Skull & Co grip case and did not receive the "Trigger Style" grips and the Maxcarry Case is not Concave, mine was Convex and did not have a spot to put a power bank and USB cable for storage. I'm currently in an email exchange with them to get the full product advertised. I ordered it from the Facebook Advertisement that led me to the Modern Life website to purchase it from. I would say for now only use Amazon so you can qualify for a return if not everything gets delivered.

  2. stefan moran

    i just got the meo Grip case. really like it. does a case exist to fit this attached to the switch? it came with a sock up I'm looking for something a little more durable. if anyone knows please fill me in. thanks

  3. SWYK NoiZ

    I freakin bough the skull & co grip… and this thing is even more unconfortable than without .
    Very very decepointed I really 'd like to know who is the morron who dezined this thing, I really really was looking for it and daim this thing is bad. just look at a controller the dezine is made to fit well in your hand, so I thougth these guys somehow made this special dezine to make it confortable too but It turned it's not. just don't buy this grip if like me you're looking for confort.

  4. Cain Reval

    I love my Mumba case, but since I've gotten my dbrand skins, I have messed up two sets of skins, which isnt a hugely bad thing, it's just annoying. So if you're rocking new dbrand skins, I do not reccomend buying a mumba case, best save your money and get a better case that doesnt try to TIP your skins off

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