Best Electric Cars 2019 (and the ones to avoid) – Top 10s | What Car?

The electric revolution is here! The latest electric cars offer outstanding performance, usable ranges and reasonable list prices. But if you want to go green, which ones should be on your shortlist? And which ones should you avoid?

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25 Replies to “Best Electric Cars 2019 (and the ones to avoid) – Top 10s | What Car?”

  1. IAWFilmWorks

    How many batteries does this car need…? Is an EV like a tesla or anold car conversion saving you money. You trade the cost of gas for the cost of batteries. Rather you're using lead-acid or lithium, it's costly to replace batteries. Lead-acid you replace every 24 months(average cost $100ea)…lithium every 60 months($20,000). Big heavy vehicles are costly to build. It makes more sense to build light simple cars that only need 1 battery costing on average $100 to replace and gets you at least 85miles per charge. Let's face it, how far do you drive per day…do the math for yourself. Most people only drive around town. We have a ways to go with the development of EV technology.

  2. William Dixon

    Good video, I'm thinking of buying an X, we test drove one but it was a performance one. Sept. 2019 they offer "free charing" to the first buyer. So the one I have picked out is 94700, but I feel cheated driving a fast one and not the one I was buying. EV are the future, oil and gas is a thing of the past. It's that simple! On my deal it cost 20 GRAND more for the fast one. 20 Grand, I mean good grief, but I am told it's a bigger motors. A little HELP HERE!

  3. mpitogo

    One aspect this article completely misses are the software aspects. These cars are just parts without the software mechanics. Battery, power, range etc you can measure but most reviews miss the software. Tesla is well ahead of the pack with just two features, long distance route planning in car navigation with a super charger network and the second is autopilot. Tesla is greater than the sum of its parts and some folks are still hung up basic mechanics. Sure there are alternatives like using a ChargePoint app to plan a long trip and using adaptive cruise but these are cumbersome.

  4. Upper Left Coast Chelsea Fan

    Lots of predictions that since Tesla is 5-10 years ahead of everyone else and there will be a huge switch to EV's starting in 2020 that they will absolutely dominate the market over the next 20 years and put a good number of car manufacturers out of business. Daimler. GM. VW, BMW, FORD should be doing whatever it takes to make up that ground before it's too late (beg, borrow, steal, do whatever). Nissan, Hyundai & Toyota are predicted to be survivors.

  5. barrie Williams

    There are still thousands & thousands of ordinary people who buy cars that cost less than £5,000. Join the real world!! People who purchase electric cars thinking they are going green are kidding themselves. Far more pollution is caused by producing an electric car than producing an internal combustion car, plus at some point, the (toxic) batteries are going to have to be replaced……..

  6. Peter Bond

    You have avoided the Chinese cars. Try are the best and worst. BYD is a strong utilitarian car used as a taxi and a plethora of almost junk like cars used a urban runabouts.
    In Australia range requirements are vastly different. A range of 400 to 500 would be a minimum. No one stops at 100km for a break. That's only an hour. 400km and break for tea and recharge, would be about average.
    You don't mention range extenders which would lower car prices and satisfy travelers and holidayers.

  7. X Galanty

    FEB 2019 10: Hyundai Ionic 9. BMW i3 8. Tesla "X" 7. Volkswagen eGolf 6. Renault Zoe 5. Tesla "S" 4. Nissan Leaf 3. Hyundai Kona Electric 2. Jaguar Ipace 1. Kia e-niro (Not on list Not Good Smart for two)

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