Best Budget Android TV Box In Pakistan 2019 With 2GB RAM

Best Budget Android TV Box In Pakistan 2019 With 2GB RAM : You can get a decent and cheap android tv box 4k from Daraz and with good reviews on the internet, but the one that i am going to suggest to you today is the best with Pakistani channels. This is also a great choice for mobile gamers in Pakistan, as this android tv box for gaming in 2018 will play almost every game with high settings, because it has penta core mali 450 GPU inside. Today my video is more focused on explaining to new users of android tv box in Pakistan that how this works in simple Urdu and Hindi, and how to use android tv box in every city of Pakistan. I will also recommend some must have apps for your android smart tv box in Pakistan, on which you can watch 4K contents ranging from Indian channels to live sports and everything else. You can use this android box on your led tv or monitor that have an HDMI input, and then you can use the remote control functions to do every task. This android smart 4k tv box has android 7.1.2 nougat operating system out of the box, In the near future i will also show you the top 10 android tv box apps in 2018. You can order online android tv box in Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar, Mardan, Attock, and every other part of the country. Lastly if you like to watch technology videos in Pakistan, then consider subscribing to my channel.

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24 Replies to “Best Budget Android TV Box In Pakistan 2019 With 2GB RAM”

  1. avenash kumar

    helo brother main yeh device karachi main se lee hai aur main re pas indian channel sony aur starplus etc nhn aa rahe hain aur bar bar game ke ads chal rahe hain channel kaise aa sakte hain aur games ke ads kaise disable hosakte hain ??

  2. Anwar khan

    بھائ مجھے آسا۔ طرہقہ بتادیں میں کل ہی خریدا ھے کیسے میں اپنے۔پرانے ٹی وی پینا سونک کا ھے می۔ کوشش کی ھے ایک تو انٹر فیس بھت دیر بعد آتا ھے اور کیسے چلایئں کیونکہ پیکچر بلرنگ کتی ھے کیا یہ لازمی ھے وائ فائ ہونا یا ویسے ہی یو ٹیوب یا فیس بک استحمال کر سکتے ہی پلیز یہ ضرور بتایئں بھت شکریہ

  3. Muhammad Usman

    Bro i have x96mini but when i turn it on today i start youtube and it asked me to update first from play store when i update it says that this device is not campatible with this version and you tube not working. Could you have solution for this problem?

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