Best Android TV Box 2016? Xiaomi Mi Box

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47 Replies to “Best Android TV Box 2016? Xiaomi Mi Box”

  1. Anthony Ramirez

    Does this work with the Google Home and the Google Home Ecosystem (Turning the TV on and off, opening YouTube and other services, etc.)? I like the Chromecast, but I hate the lack of menus and USB streamable media, when the Wi-Fi goes down.


    what is the use of the audio port, I have seen some other videos it's just an AV out, so some device comes with AV also. please confirm this which one is orginal.

  3. Carlos Rodriguez

    would the netflix app for android ever support dolby atmos? i see there is support for the xbox but i have the nvidia shield and a denon reciever that supports atmos however when i play the only movie that netflix has in dolby atmos (Okja) the logo only shows 5.1 and it does not play in atmos… is it me or netflix> i can play o=movie files from plex and it plays in atmos just fine

  4. Martin Pibil

    Hey, I need help guys :-). I've got almost all my movies with DTS sound and I want to connect to Mi Box my analog headphones, do I need a convertor spdif to analog with DTS support?

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