Best Android Box 2020! | Nvidia Shield TV Killer?

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This video looks at in my opinion the best Android Box so far in 2020! Unboxing not necessary here, just straight to the juicy details! Is the Beelink GT King Pro with its Amlogic S922X-H chip the best Nvidia Shield alternative? A Shield TV killer? I go over the key specs, build quality, benchmark tests etc. A top Android TV Box for streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Kodi and more! 4K @ 75 fps max! Download 3rd party apks with ease and its pretty good for light gaming too! Not necessarily cheap or budget, like under $50, but certainly far more affordable than the Nvidia Shield at approx $100! Let me know your early thoughts!

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➡️ TOP 7 BEST VPNS for 2020:

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31 Replies to “Best Android Box 2020! | Nvidia Shield TV Killer?”

  1. Richard Vacanti

    It is very fast. But what good is it if you can’t play Netflix in hd. Or some of the other major streaming service. Dose much better with 3rd party apk like. Cat mouse ,cyberflix. And of course kodi.

  2. MrBOB39

    Really ??
    Are you on the 3rd rock from the Sun or some Alturnitive Reality-Universe ?

    I have been hearing for years and years..
    This is the Best Android Box out there..
    This is Enen better then NVidia Shield..

    These boxes make their money off the Coat tails of the NVidea name and Quality..

    I have tried time and time again.
    Different android boxes ( the NEWEST BEST since the invention of the wheel )

    I have tried Google.. Fire TV.. Roko and Several of those No name Chines claiming to be as good or Better then Shield Tv..

    After I try them..
    They go Straight to my Junk draw..

    Not only is NVidia shield better..
    I use the Shield Pro 2017 model and it Destroys supposed players 3 years newer.

    Maybe if NVidia updates to a new Replacement Shild Pro for 2021 ( they typically do so every 2 years ) then perhaps I will buy a new one ( just as likely not though .. lol )

  3. David Brawn

    Glad you tell the negatives of Nvidia shield. I had one and couldn't stand the android OS it seemed limited and it's version of YouTube is second at best. I took it back to the shop I got it at as fast as my legs would carry me and got a refund.

  4. Mohammed Bara

    This tv box is old dated even with the mentioned features .. any tv that not support dolby vision and dolby atmos is garbage as value for money.

    With out dolby vision/atmos .. any one can buy cheaper TV boxes less than 60 USD

  5. DPiero. D

    I love this box, but at the moment, running A95X Max, with no firmware update and only a 32bit. also loving the Beeling GS King X also a 32bit, and I really can't decide, And then there is the
    NEO U22-XJ – Minix which is a 64bit have you done a video on this? and what do others think of this thanks for your input.

  6. Jonathan Christensen

    Hi All – question, I bought this product and it is great BUT, i've installed Disney+ on it and i'm getting Error 39 when i try and play anything. I've done all sorts to try and get round it and nothing work's. Anyone got any suggestions or seeing the same problem or fixed the problem?


    Can you add external storage and make it adaptable system storage like the Nvidia Shield? I have the shield pro which is great. I actually ordered the regular beelink gt king from Gearbest months ago and didn't receive it so I payed a little more to get the gt ok pro which is actually being shipped. Originally the gt series was gonna be my go to box. However because I've been waiting so long for the beelink gt king to arrive I decided to buy the Nvidia Shield pro which I'm feeling is an unbeatable machine. Guess I'll find out soon what the beelink gt king pro is all about. Thanks for the video! 👍

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